Friday, 3 October 2014

Dear Mr Keats

Dear Mr Keats,

For some reason, that I can't fathom out, thoughts of you popped into my head this week.  Ever since, I have been compelled to find out more about you.

I was astounded to discover that we have trodden the same pathways - yours in what was a rural country setting and mine in the 'developed' Enfield in the County of Middlesex.  Enfield Town train station now dominates the site where you boarded at  John Clarke's school.  I have walked along Church Street in Edmonton where you lived for a time with your grandmother.  In the same street,  the poet and essayist Charles Lamb and his sister lived at Bay cottage 13 years after your death.  Imagine that!  Two famous poets living in the same street!

You had such a troubled life peppered with tragedy and never knew the delights of marriage or a family of your own.  Maybe your trials and tribulations gave you a deep insight and connection with nature that was a catalyst for your soul touching poetry.  Separated by the Centuries, I feel we are united by the seasons.  Your autumn is my autumn and I feel you close by as I read To Autumn, which in my opinion, is your most beautiful poem.

Next time I walk through the streets of Enfield and feel the whistling wind and listen to the crunch of leaves underfoot, I will think of you and wish for your guiding spirit.

Yours sincerely,

Simone Whipp


sharon said...

I have to confess total ignorance when it comes to poetry and Mr. Keats. Did look for a quote to share:
Bright star, would I were steadfast as thou art -
Glad you have something to direct your passions right now, Simone. Autumn's a great season for introspection.
Lovely photo of the late season hydrangeas.

Marigold Jam said...

Fascinating stuff.

Rosie said...

Lovely idea to write to one
of your favourite poets. 'Ode to Autumn' is one of my favourites of his poems along with 'Bright Star'. The film about his love for Fanny Brawne his 'Bright Star' is very good:)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

It's pouring here today and last night it was quite wild, I had to pick up broken cosmos this morning so I could do with Mr Keats' mist and mellow fruitfulness here today instead of what we've got!!
Have a good weekend Simone,
V x

Lyn said...

Arhhh Mr

Helen Philipps said...

So interesting to read your letter to Mr Keats, Simone. His ode to autumn has been inspiring to so many others over the years......I hope you enjoy the poetry and the places that link you to Keats this autumn and feel inspired too.
Helen xox

Anne Butera said...

What a wonderful letter, Simone. You've inspired me to cross off something else on my to-do list... read some poetry. I like poetry and yet I find it hard to sit down and read it.

Lovely photo, too.

Hope you're enjoying autumn!

Ethel Johnson said...

I can't compete
With Mr Keat.......s.

Lisa said...

How wonderful to have found a connection with someone you admire.
Lisa x