Tuesday, 7 October 2014


I thought that after having a few days away from blogging that I would return rejuvenated and with a real zest for life again. Truth be told, I am feeling more lacklustre than ever!  My life is so mundane that a walk to the local library would be the highlight of the month - and even then it is difficult to find any up to date books on the shelf.

I keep on wrestling with my thoughts - should I continue to blog or has this part of my life ended?  But writing is my way of self expression.  I could just write a private diary but by writing to an 'audience' helps me to write with a bit of structure and prevents me from scrawling down random thoughts.

There is very little for me to blog about at the moment.  Gizmo had taken a liking to being brushed, my son has settled into sixth form, and I regularly make apple sponge for dessert.   I continue to struggle with keeping my emotions in check and I am feeling quite useless at the moment.  Could just be an age thing?

I think my posts are going to be less frequent unless I have been doing anything specific.  I don't want to bore you and feel that I am losing much of my readership.

Until next time..................................x


  1. You are not useless. Its like being a child or teenager its a phase you are going through. Well thats what I tell myself. Some phases you notice and some just pass by. You are you, be you. You certainly do not bore me.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Not knowing your age I couldn't say whether it is an age thing or not but life is often a bit dull and yet there are always things that you can notice that are of interest. I doubt any of us live lives where we have lots of scintillating stuff to write about but some of the best blogs are more about the way they are written than about the content. I love posts about life warts and all told with a humourous touch. Life is funny and often bizarre I find. Yet I too reach points when I feel that I have said much of what I have to say too and then something pops up. I find inspiration from reading other blogs when I suddenly realise that I have something to say on their subject too or from noticing the weather, or maybe a book I am reading and so on. If you meet up with friends the conversation rarely dries up and that is because it is a two way thing and for me blogging is like that too. I hope that if you have the sunshine we have here today your spirits will lift and you will find life fascinating and interesting even if you don't do anything particularly exciting. Oops I seem to have rambled on rather - sorry!

  3. That's a beautiful autumn necklace - gorgeous colour. I lost my blog audience a long time ago Simone but I carry on for my own pleasure whenever I've done or made or seen something that's made me smile. You are right I could just write a diary but I'm so undisciplined I know I'd never get round to it! And you shouldn't worry about how often you blog... just do it when you really have to record something before you forget it. Xx

  4. I think writing for blog posts does keep your writing structured and also helps to keep a record of what you have been doing even if it seems mundane and everyday to you it often isn't to others. I know how you feel though after nearly 10 years of writing my blog I feel I am repeating myself sometimes and it is hard to give fresh or new insights into anything. I've enjoyed some of the poetry and stories you have occasionally put on your blog - have you ever thought of joining a Creative Writing class - I've done one or two and they really are inspiring and help with the writing. I hope you do continue to write your blog Simone - I would miss visiting you here very much:)

  5. Dear Simone, I feel that we have been friends on our blogs for many years now. A few of my other blogging friends have stopped writing their blogs or simply removed them without notice and I have actually felt very sad about that. We are a community. I look forward to seeing what you create, reading what you write and knowing that you are sharing your life with me. Believe me, I know that the people who read my blog are few, but their friendship means a great deal to me. And you are probably the very best at commenting on my posts, with kindness and humor. I appreciate you very much and would miss you greatly if you left blogging.
    If you need incentive, why not choose a perspective each month, such as showing us your town, your library, your surroundings? We Americans are fascinated with England, the charm, the historical buildings, the landscape. Or even your collections of art materials, your workspace, your treasured belongings? Just some ideas, Simone. I would be sad to see you leave blogging.xx

  6. I agree with Judy, pick something every month to blog about maybe something that you have never blogged about before and focus on that.
    Don't leave us though, what about your painting?
    V x

  7. I hope you find your mojo
    I hope you find some fun
    I hope this lifts your spirits
    When the day is done.

  8. I find it daunting sometimes, I have been blogging for a while and while I get many visitors I rarely get comments.

    However - I find the act of blogging very therapeutic, ideas come along - book reviews, a walk and the things I see. Its amazing how you can see so many things if you go out with a camera.

    The pictures here are lovely and I have enjoyed reading your post.

    all the best

  9. Hi Simone :)
    I think most bloggers have moved to Facebook and other social networks, that's why the good old Blogger community has suddenly become so silent...probably the lack of comments depends on the fact that people have become lazy and cannot "like" blog post as they can do with a Facebook post or photo.
    Personally I've stopped blogging because my life have changed a lot due to family problems, but it doesn't mean I have nothing to tell or I don't want to keep in touch with my bloggy friends.
    Owning an i-phone, I've recently discovered Instagram, where I can share with my followers the not-strictly-personal pictures I post on my Fb timeline. It's not like blogging because the human contact is very poor, but it still reminds me of looking for all the small things in life that are pretty or makes me happy :)
    Maybe you could just focus on pictures for a while, rather than on writing?!
    Take care and enjoy your weekend!
    Michela x

  10. Hi Simone
    I know how you feel, so many times I think I'll just stop blogging as I feel it wouldn't matter very much if I did, but then I get to think that I shouldn't be blogging just to get comments, we should all blog for ourselves and if people comment then that's nice but if they don't who cares.
    Just blog now and again, I'm sure you'll find your mofo again.

  11. I wonder if you are suffering from a chemical imbalance, making you feel that way. Why not get yourself checked at the surgery?

  12. Hi, Simone, I totally understand your frustration and your ambivalence toward blogging. Do you keep a personal journal? It really helps me. I can spill down any thoughts into there, stupid things, random thoughts, feelings, whatever. Getting it all down onto paper is very freeing and it helps to get other things flowing. When I'm writing regularly in my journal all my other writing flows more easily and I find I'm just generally more creative (I agree with Julia Cameron on her idea of Morning Pages -- I can't remember if you've used The Artist's Way or not... I didn't make it through the whole book and don't agree with all of it, but it was helpful). I also thoroughly believe in Joy Lists -- just jot down bits of beauty and things that bring you joy. They don't have to be earthshattering, going to the library is often on my list!

    I guess the other thing you have to think about is what your reasons for blogging are. Once you clarify that, it might be easier. And to me, it seems you have a pretty loyal following (You get more comments than I do!) and that your blogging followers seem to really want to connect with you. All the comments on this post are so very thoughtful and I hope have given you some food for thought.

    Sending good thoughts to you. I hope you find your way.


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