Monday, 17 November 2014

A Walk in the Park

In an attempt to keep a positive mental attitude and to prevent my body from turning into a blob of jelly I have been having daily walks around the local area.  My walk in the park today was not the most desirable of experiences what with people letting their dogs of their leashes to terrorise other smaller dogs, dubious looking characters using the outdoor gym and gulls screeching at an ear piercing pitch.  I hurriedly walked around the park avoiding the outdoor gym, flapping birds and dog walkers to the refuge of home.  I was hoping that a walk outside would give me some respite from the anxiety I was feeling but it seemed to make me even more nervous and on edge.

Things that wouldn't normally deserve comment become magnified when one senses they are losing control of certain situations.  There is very little in my life that I am able to control at the moment and no matter how much positive thinking I do, there is little I can do to change things until my circumstances change.  I am sorry to be cryptic here but the personal things going on in my life are probably better left unsaid.

* I am feeling much better today.  The sun is trying to peek through and I am well rested after a good night's sleep.  One day problems seem insurmountable and other days things don't matter quite so much so much.  I will be returning to the park later today. :-)


  1. Sorry you walk didn't have the desired effect Simone. I wonder if any of us are able to control our lives really and whether it might be better to attempt to accept that which we cannot control and concentrate on the positives in our lives? I don't mean to sound preachy but I understand only too well what you are saying and with age have come more able to have as my watchword acceptance when it comes to things I can't change or control. I do hope today's experience won't put you off getting out into the fresh air of the park - I wish I was neare as I would happily come with you!

  2. Hi Simone - I am back in the blogging world again for a while - not sure how long this time as life is very up and down at the moment. I cannot even attempt to catch up with everyones posts so hope I haven't missed too much. I am sorry your walk was stressful - I think sometimes when we are very anxious or down in the dumps we notice more irratating things going on around us which when we are happy have little significance. As Marigold says - wish we lived nearer we would come with you on your walk.
    I am nervous of dogs - so dogs off the lead in a park or on the beach are my worst nightmare having been badly bitten on a few occassions. Hope your life takes a turn for the better soon. Viv x

  3. Sorry you're feeling a bit low Simone, I really, really hope that whatever's wrong will sort itself out soon but don't give up on the fresh air!
    V x

  4. So sorry you're on a low
    Hope it's just ebb and flow.


  5. Oh, Simone, so sorry. No one likes to feel out of control and I can just feel your anxiety through your words. Email me if you feel like venting, or simply accept this virtual hug from a friend. xxx

  6. Oh dear, Simone - I'm sorry that your walk in the park took on a bit of a sinister aspect for you. Sometimes that happens doesn't it? When you are walking along on your own and things just don't feel right, perhaps next time you walk there it will feel entirely different. It is good to get out and about though and get the exercise and feed the mind with inspirational ideas - I think a lot when I'm walking - like the others I wish I could join you for a morning stroll:)

  7. Sorry that you aren't always feeling able to cope so well. A walk outside can be very helpful. Maybe you could find somewhere more peaceful to walk.

  8. It was good to read that a nights sleep helped you and that your next visit to the park was a good one. Being outside is so good for us, I hope your park walks continue in a positive vane.
    Lisa x

  9. Sorry you have been feeling anxious this week, Simone. I do hope things improve soon. I noticed you were feeling a bit better at the end of this post, so I hope this is continuing. Hope you still go for walks in the fresh air, I am sure it makes you feel better (I know what you mean about dogs off their leashes though and shady characters, it does spoil the park when they are around.)
    Take care.
    Helen xox

  10. Life sure has its ups and downs. Sometimes things seem so unclear and the littlest things seem so large, eclipsing little joys. I'm glad that your down was followed by an upswing. Hang in there.


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