Monday, 24 November 2014

Riding the Storm

I recognise that I am going through a difficult patch at the moment as many people are/do.  Sometimes I just feel like wallowing in a pity pit of despair as I go round and round in circles unable to make decisions, but there is a spark in me that is a fighter and today that spark was truly ignited.

At the weekend I informed the vineyard that I didn't feel able to continue volunteering there at the moment due to my current mindset and continuing coughs and colds and not knowing from one week to the next if I am able to attend the session or not.  A response I received from them today got me so angry and riled up, it confirmed to me that there is still life in the old cat yet! 

Now, I wasn't expecting them to beg me to stay but a few words to make me feel as though I was a valued member of the team would have been nice - I had been there since July 2011.  Instead I got a generic 'thank you for all your help' from admin and an 'exit' form to fill out.  AN EXIT FORM TO FILL OUT!!!  I am still fuming now.  This kind of insensitivity makes me now feel that my decision to leave was the correct one.  The exit form is an opportunity to leave feedback on the vineyard experience and I understand the usefulness in people saying why they wanted to leave but I think to send me an exit form less than two days after I informed them of my decision was too soon.  I am probably being over sensitive about this but a few kind words rather than an 'exit' form would have been appreciated and maybe even reversed my decision to leave.

Anyway,  I feel strangely invigorated by my indignation and ready to step forward with my one woman fight for all that I deem to be unjust!


  1. Good for you Simone, anger can be a very positive emotion sometimes! I don't blame you I would have been furious too and I dread to think what I might put in an exit form!!!
    On a happier note if that photo of Gizmo didn't make you smile, nothing would! :)
    You go girl!!!
    V x

  2. I think I would be angry too. You were giving up your time for them not the other way round! How insensitive!
    Julie xxxx

  3. They don't sound very caring or appreciative of the work of their volunteers. On a different note that is a super photo of Gizmo with the blue umbrella behind him - the colours are lovely:)

  4. My favourite person - Gizmo is so much like my cat Tiger it is uncanny! I cannot be doing with these new fangled ideas - i know they do exit interviews now at most firms - I would probably decline to take part - it is like taking part in market research - I don't do that either. I can understand your anger over this - it is what the world is being reduced to bit by bit - a series of tick boxes - never mind that you have been a serious volunteer all this time and put in a lot of effort and hardwork just getting the form filled in is all that seems to matter to them. Keep us posted on your reply!

  5. An exit form
    Sounds rather rude
    I hope you gave
    Back attitude!


  6. Goodness that did seem a premature of them to send an exit form.
    This could be the chance to explore something new.
    Lisa x

  7. Well I am sure when you are feeling more positive you can find a more grateful place to volunteer your time, somewhere where you will be fully appreciated.
    Their loss.

  8. Oh, Simone, how sad that the vineyard volunteer program was so insensitively run. I know data about all parts of how something is run is important to any organization, but an organization that simply treats you like a number doesn't sound like it would offer a fulfilling experience (which other aspects of your experience there confirm). I guess it just means that it wasn't a good fit for you, which I know is disappointing, but realizing that and moving on means you have room in your life for something that IS a good fit. It's out there, Simone, I know it.

    Oh, and that is an awesome photo of Gizmo!


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