Thursday, 29 January 2015

Testing Times

January has been a testing month for me.  The Gizmo saga was just one of many unhappy events that have occurred since Christmas.  Today I had a dental appointment.  Regular readers of this blog will know how traumatic a visit to the dentist is for me (and for many of you too).  I started to shake uncontrollably when the dentist hit a nerve and when I saw the contraption he was going to put in my mouth for an x-ray I almost went into meltdown!  Today was just a scale and polish and a check up but I know that there is a ticking time bomb in my mouth that I need to monitor over the coming months.  It seems that the back root (under a crown) has broken away and come up exposed through my gum.  I have no idea how much this will be to 'fix' (I couldn't face discussing this today) but I would imagine it will mean losing  the crown and tooth.  I am told that unless it is causing me problems to return in six months.  Today's visit was £50.00.  I went home with a pounding headache and backache from tensing myself in the chair.  Shortly after the receptionist from the surgery phoned me to say that the dentist had detected a filling I need to have done on another x-ray.  She said to return in about a month to have it done - it will be £50.00. 

Gizmo is healing nicely now but the blue bandage around his back leg (to prevent him from scratching out his stitches) lasted precisely two days.  We found the bandage intact behind the sofa like a discarded sock!  I just need to monitor him now to make sure that the neck wound doesn't open up again.  On Monday he needs to have half the stitches removed and then we need a further visit to have the remaining stitches removed.

The photo above was taken 9 days ago.  Pretty ice that had formed on a glass table outside in the garden.  I liked the way it was shimmering in the sunlight.  I am having to dig deep to look for 'happy' things at the moment.  Let's try:
  • my Amaryllis plant has two buds on it
  • I have the ingredients to make chocolate chip muffins 
  • I have books to read
  • January is nearly over!  Hooray!!!
I hope that February gives me some slack and time to process what has gone on in this whirlwind month. 


  1. That's it Simone positive thinking, February will be good!
    Sorry about the dentist, they really aren't nice places to visit! I am so happy though to hear that Gizmo is healing and who could blame the poor fellow for pulling off that horrible blue bandage!
    Wishing you a stress free weekend,
    V x

  2. Gosh, what a month for you!! Sorry to hear about both Gizmo and your dentist visit... Do you have a compassionate dentist? We saw a great one recently who spent lots of time reassuring me about my super strong gag reflex since pregnancy and they did my xray without the awful contraption!! I've never had such a lovely dentist, so just wondering how "gentle" yours is...

    Here's hoping things start to calm down for you soon xx

  3. Things can only improve and horrible things will become a distant memory
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. You are certainly being tested this month, Simone - just keep looking for those positive things. Glad to hear Gizmo is nealing well:)

  5. Dental care?
    I hate that place.
    Dental scare
    It hurts my face.


  6. Oh, Simone, testing times, indeed!

    I'm glad that you are looking for positives, too, though. Wish I could do something to brighten your spirits and lessen your load. Remember to take good care of yourself. Each and every day. Fill yourself up with love. Take time. Fill up your journal with rantings and let everything go.

    I think Serenity was the perfect word for you to choose. It sounds like you need Serenity right now. Invite it in. Make it some tea. Go easy on yourself. There will always be hardships and trials and each one makes you that much stronger.

    Sending you much love and healing thoughts. I know you can make it through these days into days of beautiful serenity.

  7. Well yes, I do hope a new month will bring better tidings for you Simone. I'm very glad to hear Gizmo is doing well despite everything he's gone through. I wish you could find a better vet practice - they aren't all bad. Good luck with the dentist - can I tell you a secret? I haven't been to the dentist since I was 18 due to bad experiences!


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