Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Three Days into February

February so far:
  • a fly infestation in downstairs cloakroom
  • slug trails across living room floor (and in Dec and Jan)
  • breaking a mirror (7 years bad luck  - huh!)
I don't know how much more misery I can take this year.  One thing after another sent to test my patience and my sanity.  I would just like one nice thing to happen - nothing on a grand scale just something to raise my spirits.

I am upset at breaking the mirror this morning.  We have had the mirror for over 25 years.  I am having to walk out on this bitterly cold day and buy another one from somewhere.  I don't drive so it will have to be a walk into town.  My knees ache and I have a problem with my wrist and left foot so I don't think I will be staying out for long. I am not so upset about the superstition of breaking a mirror meaning 7 years bad luck because I have had over seven years of bad luck already!

Feeling down, I reactivated my pinterest account.  There are so many lovely images and inspirational quotes to see and I can quite easily while away some time adding things to my pinterest boards.  I have added a click on link at the top right of this blog if you want to take a look.

Would you like to hear some good news?  Gizmo has had all his stitches removed and been given the all clear from the vet. I am going to keep him in a couple more days though as he is still limping and looks like a case of cruelty with his shaven fur and battle scars.

The photo above is the sole clump of snowdrops I have in my front garden pushing up through the worm casts.  I think they may have come up blind like my daffodils have done for the last few years. Maybe it is time to divide and replant or replace.  Here's hoping to happier times ahead. I think that is all I want to divulge for now.

*Just got back from shopping.  Letter on doormat, open it - 'due to an overwhelming response you have not been shortlisted for an interview'.  Oh well.

** Bought new boxed mirror. Came home, took mirror out of box.  Plastic frame damaged with piece missing.  A journey back to the shops tomorrow.


  1. Ok let's focus on Gizmo, that is the best news, I'm really pleased he is now on the mend!
    As for everything else lets file it away in the 'forgotten, over and done with' file!
    I'm off to follow you on Pinterest!
    V x

  2. Sorry you are feeling down. It's horrible when you break something you've had for ages. I hope you can get the mirror replaced with something you really like.

  3. Oh I am glad to hear Gizmo is on the road to recovery.Just remember the days are getting longer so that has to be something to smile about. xxx

  4. Oh my goodness, Simone - three things to try your patience and sap your energy, no wonder you feel down. Try not to focus on the 7 years thing though. Good to hear Gizmo is on the mend if he's had a bad experience outside he may not want to venture too far anyway but it's a good idea to keep him in for just a while longer. Hope you were able to treat yourself to a pretty replacement mirror. Do take carexx

  5. Hello Simone,

    Oh I am so pleased to hear that Gizmo is on the mend at last. Good luck with the replacement mirror.
    Have fun on Pinterest.

    Happy days.

  6. Wonderful news about Gizmo, keeping him a couple more days sounds like a good plan.
    So frustrating about the mirror, hope you can get the new one sorted without too much fuss and bother.
    Lisa x

  7. Superstition?
    Just a silly tradition.

    When you believe in the things that you don't understand then you suffer, superstition ain't the way...
    Stevie Wonder.

  8. So glad Gizmo is feeling better. What wonderful news.

    Your snowdrops look hopeful, a beautiful taste of spring.

    I'm sorry you've been having such a long string of trying times. Sounds like you need to have a bit of a time out. Tell the universe that you're done with its challenges. Focus on Serenity.

    Here's to sunshine, rainbows and happier times.


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