Friday, 27 February 2015

Mini Celebration Kit

I have been thinking about making an emergency, portable, mini celebration kit for a while now.  I think it would be great to keep in your bag (purse) for when a celebration comes up that you are unprepared for.  Tiny bunting (to tie on the back of a chair), a wordless card and a candle.  You could also use it for people who want to mark an occasion but without too much fuss.

The trick to make this look 'special' is to use the best quality card stock and beautiful papers.  I envisage it being used whenever good news is in need of a mini celebration to mark the event. 

Happy Friday!

Now that's a good reason enough to celebrate!


  1. This is a suerlatively lovely idea!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I could have done with something like that the other day, my friend announced it was her anniversary when I met her for coffee
    Juie xxxxxx

  3. What a super idea. I love the colours you have chosen:)

  4. What a brilliant idea!! :)
    Happy weekend Simone,
    V x

  5. What a fantastic idea! love it. xxx

  6. what a clever idea Simone xx

  7. A card by the yard
    or a greeter by the metre.

    great idea. xx

  8. A great idea, Simone!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  9. What a fun idea, Simone! If you do another craft fair I hope you make up a bunch of these!!

  10. Lovely idea. We need to be able to celebrate happy occasions as much as possible


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