Friday, 20 March 2015

A Neglected Corner

The end of my garden has been untended to for quite some time.  Wind blown pots are scattered and weeds ramble up broken fences.  Today I had cause to venture to the bottom of the garden to see how my perlagoniums had over wintered in the greenhouse.  They didn't look good so I have cut them back hard.  Just outside the greenhouse is an old table with an array of broken china and abandoned pots.  I was surprised to see that despite neglect, pink hyacinths were popping up out of a crate and tiny blue muscari (behind the brown plastic pot in centre of photograph) were determined to see another spring.   I feel sad that I had cast them aside with no hope after they had finished flowering previously but happy they decided to grow despite less than perfect conditions. 


  1. I think there is something very beautiful about your photo Simone!
    Hope you're feeling ok!
    V x

  2. Hello Simone,

    That is what I love about bulbs, they surprise us.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. That looks lovely with the broken post and bits and pieces - I prefer to see that than a regimented garden. X

  4. Isn't Nature wonderful being able to make such a pretty vignette of such unlikely ingredients! I often think that plants are so brave and accepting of what life throws at them and we might perhaps take a lesson from their tenacity - well I could anyway! Have a goodweekend.

  5. Those flowers were determined weren't they? I love finding little plants surviving where you least expect them:)

  6. A lesson from mother nature herself???? healing is always possible.
    And isn't green a lovely medicine?

  7. I can't keep up...see last two posts! xx


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