Wednesday, 18 March 2015


This super soft teddy bear throw has been a great source of comfort to me over the last couple of weeks. When my bones and muscles felt as though they were on fire, the gentle cushioning fibres have helped to induce me into a deep sleep.  This is a daytime sleep because nights are fitful; aching bones fighting with a suffocating duvet and a quenching thirst.

I've not been feeling well for quite a long time, perhaps 2-3 years - maybe longer.  I have put down the aches and pains and overwhelming tiredness down to hormones and my age.  I have self diagnosed and been inaccurate in my conclusion.

On visiting the GP I was expecting to be told that all the symptoms I was experiencing was an 'age thing' but instead have been referred to the rheumatology department at the hospital.  I now have to wait for an appointment before I can solve this 'mystery' illness.

I am stunned at how incapacitated I have become in just a week.  Reaching for a cup in a cupboard or pulling on a jacket have become feats in themselves.  I now have to find new ways of doing things and moving much more slowly than I am used to to prevent a flare up of achy joints.

I am hopeful that my health can be restored to normal and I can once again have freedom of movement which I took so much for granted.


  1. Awe I'm really sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell Simone! I'm sure as soon as you get your appointment they will sort you out with the right treatment and you'll feel yourself again. It's so very easy when you reach a certain age to put all problems down to that, thankfully though you have sought the help you need.
    Hope you feel much better soon my friend,
    V x

  2. Hope that you will get something sorted very soon and be reassured and with the right treatment be fully fit again before too long. Take care of yourself - thinking of you.

  3. Bon courage, Simone. Much love and many prayers x

  4. I really am very sorry to hear you aren't well Simone. I hope the appointment isn't too long a wait for you and there will be help available. Keep snuggling!
    Lisa x

  5. Sorry to hear you feel unwell, hope you get an appointment very soon.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. So sorry to read this Simone - I do hope that the appointment you need comes quickly so you know what the problem is and how to treat it. Take care and keep snuggling in that blanketxx

  7. So sorry to hear you aren't well, Simone. I hope you will get an appointment quickly and will soon feel better.
    Sending love.
    Helen xox

  8. Oh Simone, I am so sorry to hear how much pain you have been in and how awful you have been feeling. I'm also really glad to hear your Dr has sorted out a referral so quickly, although I know the waiting can be so hard no matter how quickly appointments come through. Sending you lots of love and strength for the coming days and weeks xx

  9. Sending gentle hugs and healing energy your way. If there is something diagnosable, there will be treatment and relief. Know you are being held in our supportive and loving hearts.

  10. Sorry your poor bones ache,
    I hope the remedy is cake!


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