Thursday, 23 April 2015


At the moment I feel like I can't create quick enough.  Before I have finished one project I want to get my hands on another for fear of never having the chance to do so.  I am trying to fit in making things around the more mundane matters in life and can never devote enough time to making things without having interruptions.

Having a family helps keep me sane.  I'd imagine that if I lived alone I would spend days on end making and creating things locked away and fully immersed in my projects.  Maybe I would even create my 'magnum opus'.  I am though, getting increasingly frustrated that I can't spend more time engaging in creative pursuits; reading, writing, painting, drawing, embroidery, sewing, making jewellery etc.  I don't even think that all the hours in the day would be enough time.

I started to create the ATC (Artists Trading Card) above quietly and mindfully and then 'ruined' it by rushing it through to completion.  This seems the way that lots of projects are going lately.  If only I could dedicate myself to just one craft genre instead of wanting to conquer all!

edited: off topic:  This afternoon it looks like Gizmo has a burst abscess and what looks like puncture wounds on his ear.   I just hope he hasn't been bitten by another cat again - but it is looking that way.  I thought that trips to the vets were done for this year but not so.


  1. Well it doesn't look ruined to me Simone, it looks great!
    Maybe you should keep a little journal and note down the things you want to make when you get a chance, that way you won't forget anything. I do know what you mean, housework is a pain but it has to be done!!!
    V x

  2. You seem to have the syndrome of the brain working faster than fingers. I know that feeling only too well.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. You have a very active mind, Simone and are obviously thinking of what you want to do next before finishing the project you are working on. I hope Gizmo will be ok:)

  4. You sound like me at work where there are not enough hours to get done all the changes I am wanting to make. Isn't it frustrating. Hope Gizmo is OK.

  5. I can't see where you have ruined it Simone .. looks good to me :)
    I know where you're coming from about having so many things that you want to try craft wise, I'm also plagued with a restless mind.
    It tends to be very unsettling when you are bored but not bored just really indecisive on what to do next

  6. I don't think it looks ruined. And I hope Gizmo is ok.

    It's hard to balance inspiration with the more mundane parts of life. It's always such a challenge. I hope you find a happy middle place.


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