Saturday, 25 April 2015

Zentangle Saturday #3 and #4

 The Zentangle above includes accordion, ivy, portholes, nipa, printemps and ocean spray designs.

The designs around the initial are beelight, snood, eddy, pinball, wavy border and black eyed peas.  If you want to know more about Zentangle, which is a form of mindful meditation, then you can find information on the official site here.


  1. They are gorgeous Simone. Have you thought of making cards..........?
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Brilliant again Simone, I just love the 3D effect!
    V x

  3. Oooooo Simone! Brilliant! I've always fancied trying zentangle but never got round to it. Such stricking results and I bet very therapeutic! Good on you! x

  4. I like the one you have done of your initial. Haven't the patterns got great names!
    Lisa x

  5. They are very stong images, Simone and I love the names of the patterns you use:)

  6. These look great, Simone! Glad you're on a roll with your Zentangling!


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