Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The Arrival

The plum tree is blossoming.  Spring has arrived.


  1. Lovely photo - spring certainly has arriv ed here and we've been able to sit outside with our coffees and teas and even ate lunch in the garden yesterday! It won;t last but I am loving it whilst it does.

  2. Our fruit trees are sensibly holding tightly to their buds as of yet. Such a treat to see yours in bloom.
    Welcome, spring.
    (stunning photo, Simone.)

  3. That is so pretty. It's going to be a great Spring if this weather keeps up.

  4. That's a stunning shot. I have noticed blossom on our little pear tree, but I'm sure that I couldn't capture it like this. Hope today has calmed the turmoil xx

  5. Isn't it wonderful!! The weather has been amazing here these past two days. :)
    V x

  6. Beautiful, Simone - we've been out and about today and I've seen camelia bushes, purple aubretia hanging from stone walls, magnolia and blossom trees all blooming, Spring has definitely arrived:)

  7. It is well and truly here, such a warm day today. I love seeing the trees in blossom.
    Lisa x

  8. New life has sprung,
    Spring has begun.

    You are way ahead of us.

  9. So gorgeous!!! Happy Spring, Simone!


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