Saturday, 11 April 2015

Zentangle Saturday

Each Saturday I will be posting up a picture of a Zentangle that I have been working on that day/week.  There. I have said it now so I am committed!  Truth be told, I wasn't going to post this picture as I am not very happy with how it turned out but I deduced that I will get better as the weeks progress.  I have been using designs from Suzanne McNeill's Zentangle workbooks and the patterns above have names such as Topos, Boodle, Floats and Lea!

I have ordered some 'proper' smooth paper tiles to draw onto and a set of Pigma MICRON Sakura pens.  Today I used an artists trading card to draw on and the pen I was using kept catching and dragging on the paper.  I am sure that with the correct tools for the job I will have a much more satisfying outcome.

Have you tried Zentangle yet?  I find it most satisfying and meditative and would really like to make it part of a daily practice.


sharon said...

Great idea, Simone. I think I'll join you in the once a week goal. I recently took up my pens and started tangling inside of circles and then a heart. I'll post them on my blog soon and mention your post, if that's ok with you.
Fun. Thanks.

Julia said...

Very nice work - once you have a collection, you could make a collage of them x

Marigold Jam said...

I had never heard of it so checked it out on the internet and it sounds interesting. Hope that you will find it soothing and helpful and look forward to seeing more of your designs. Might give it a try myself too!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well I think the most important thing here is that you got a great deal of enjoyment and satisfaction from it and for that reason alone I definitely think you should keep it up Simone. I think it's lovely and look forward to seeing more!
You were correct to buy the right tools of the trade, it will make it even more pleasurable for you.
V x

KC'sCourt! said...

I haven't tried Zentangles. I have seen them them on other blogs thought I might like to one day
Julie xxxxx

Shell said...

I've not drawn any Zentangles for a while. I was never completely happy with my results either but found that if I put them away then looked at them again some time after, they weren't as bad as I first thought. Its also something that my children enjoy doing. We go through quite a few black pens though.

magsmcc said...

Well, we're just back from a few days down in Wicklow/Wexford and I find your images very Newgrange- lots of symbols of life drawn from the magical natural world around. Especially finding your dtanding stones very apt to my week! I must try to remember how to get on to pinterest to read your profile, if that's not too stalkerish? I wonder at your depth of creativity and thought. I blame my having two boys around me constantly for my lack of productivity, but am coming to the conclusion that this is merely an excuse for an utter lack of inspiration and indeed ability!

Rosie said...

Interesting shapes, images and colours, Simone it looks like very soothing work to do. Look forward to seeing more:)

Jennifer Richardson said...

love, love, love:)
relaxes my soul and tickles my eyes:) The leaves, the stones....something very healing about this one.
Glad thanks,

Ethel Johnson said...

Lines from the mind
To help you unwind.

Would make an interesting collage...I wonder would they differ depending on your mood? xx

Anne Butera said...

Glad you're committing to it, Simone! I think this one looks great. And isn't it about the process, not the product? I've never tried Zentangle, but it sounds like a fun creative outlet. Keep going!

Lisa said...

This is something completely new to me.
I look forward to seeing your creations.
Lisa x