Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Different Perspective

Here is a close up of the honeysuckle in the previous post.  It is very pretty and scented but I am not really a big lover of honeysuckle.  It was planted by the previous owner of the house.  The honeysuckle at the back of the house is golden in colour.  It is so invasive and strangles most plants that it comes into contact with.  The pyracantha has deep wounds in its trunk due to the tightening hold of its bines.

If you have read this post, would you leave a comment or just say hi?  It is like a wilderness in blog land at the moment.  I can almost hear tumbleweed drifting by. I do not have an iphone or ipad  or a tablet or mobile phone or a laptop or a kindle or any other fancy device.  There is just me and a big old stationary computer in a little room at the back of the house.  I do feel that the gap between me wanting to make connections with people is getting increasingly wider with the onset of so much more new technology that I am not part of.  I am on twitter so I can see other people's instagram photos that way but can't be part of it. 

Blogging isn't instant.  It takes time to upload photos from my camera and then write accompanying text that I sometimes think bloggers are taken for granted.  Week after week I show up a bit like the eager party guest who arrives just a bit too early for the celebrations and is ignored for the best part by the other guests.

Anyway, just on a bit of a downer today.  I may return to writing snail mail to people who want to remain in contact with me. It's more personal and I won't feel like I am spilling out my thoughts to uninterested parties who may have ended up on this site accidentally.


  1. No don't leave us!
    I too am way behind updating my blog and actually reading other peoples blogs but I am plodding on.....

  2. I know what you mean about getting left behind by technology, Simone. I have a lap top and I'm on blogger and facebook but not instagram or twitter and my mobile phone is a small, cheap basic one used for emergencies only. I'm sorry you feel down today and hope it is just temporary. Take carexx

  3. Hi Simone, these flowers are lovely, but I do know what you mean about vines that strangle!! We have some very strong vines that grow up through our forsythia bushes every year and take over everything!! And, yes, I know what you mean about blogging also - it does take a lot of time to keep up. I've been very sporadic with mine lately and don't get many comments, although YOU always comment. (thank you!) I feel like I'm being pulled in a million different directions lately, but I love getting notices about your latest blog post in my email!! I'd miss you very much if you were to stop blogging, Simone. Hope you keep it up!! xxx

  4. Hi Simone
    I look forward to reading you blog posts and would be sorry if you gave up. I know I don't comment every time, I'm just a private sort of person and prefer to wait until i've something sensible to say! I love May in the garden too - best month of the year, but there is a lot to do in it as well, so maybe that is why blog land is quiet. Unlike you, I love honeysuckle!

  5. Love your honeysuckle pictures, Simone! I love this plant and its scent very much...we used to have one climbing over our wall from our neighbours' garden but sadly they cut it all down last year...I will have to plant my own now. Yours is a lovely bright colour.
    Happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  6. Your photos are always works of art. And blogging doesn't have to be about words at all. Take a look at the sets of three photos my blogging friend Karen has been posting over at
    And those of us who've grown to love you listen to your words, whatever you have to say. And respond in ways you may never know… prayer, healing energy, love. Stay.

  7. Sorry to hear you feeling down, Simone. I totally understand. It's hard to feel connected in this technological age. I try to get away from technology as much as I can and limit my time on the computer, especially when the weather is nice. People are busy and I understand that. It makes me cherish the commenters even more. It's not just you, though, even "big" bloggers aren't getting as many comments as they once have.

    We all blog for different reasons and I guess what you need to decide is why you are blogging and for whom. I think your bloggy friends would miss you (I know I would), but you have to do what's right for you.

    Hope you find your way to feeling sunnier!

  8. Love the burst of colour from this honeysuckle, I love them!
    Time is the thing with blogging isn't it. I had more time when the children were younger and my working hours were easier to accommodate such things.
    Lisa x

  9. I think it's quiet everywhere...I haven't written a post for over 2 weeks and wonder whether to bother...
    perhaps we should just enjoy this quiet corner of cyberspace as a home for slow bloggers.
    My life is not photogenic so I wont be speed dating on instagram!

    I may shed a virtual tear
    If you choose to disappear.

  10. I love honeysuckle! The smell is just gorgeous, I've planted several in our garden.
    I've only had a quick look at instagram - it all looks rather shallow to me - more style than substance. Much prefer blogging & flickr, happy to remain with those that prefer them too. The numbers may be small but the quality is better!
    Hope you're happier today. If you've a surplus of free/lonely time could you volunteer - perhaps in a charity shop, or a school, or somewhere else? It would be good experience as a stepping stone to other things beyond just getting out and being with people and feeling useful. Please ignore if you feel this to be useless advice. I feel happier when I'm busy and feeling useful/needed so wondered if it may apply to others too.

  11. I have been very slack in responding to posts in the last several months, I seem to have developed ennui but I will respond to you now Simone. I used to have a Honeysuckle that had no perfume at all and, as you say, strangled everything else so, last year I had the gardener dig it up but it keeps coming up all over the place, those fruits like to keep me on my toes...

  12. Hello Simone!
    I hope everything is well with you :)
    I haven't been on Blogland since ages, would love to keep in touch though!
    I cannot read your email anywhere, mine is

    Hugs from Venice!


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