Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Nature Seeking

Sunday was an open farm event across the country where farms opened up for the general public to visit.  My local farm is Forty Hall which is part of the Forty Hall estate and  houses the vineyard, parkland and Forty Hall house. The day coincided with a picnic in the park event, various bands, craft and plant stalls and a mini farmers market.  It was a hot day and swathes of people were making their way to the farm and to the park to have picnics and enjoy a family day out. 

I walked through the park and through the farmyard away from the noise and gaiety to seek refuge in open places away from the main event.  Just a few minutes away peace and tranquillity was found.

A beautiful dog rose (Rosa canina) was flourishing in the hedgerow and I was reminded of Rosie's 30 days wild challenge that she is participating in.  More information can be found here.  I really do find that time spent in nature can be restorative and when I work with nature I feel that I have come home.


  1. I know exactly what you mean Simone. I'm having a very late lunch today because I've been in the garden and I just couldn't bring myself to come back inside again to make it. I love being outside close to nature.
    Such a pretty little rose.
    V x

  2. Looks lovely Simone and it was good that you could leave the crowds behind for a while and find some peace and quiet. A wonderful day seeking and finding nature:)

  3. What a brilliant sounding day out, I'd love to have gone to an event like this.
    Glad you enjoyed it and found a quiet spot too.
    Lisa x

  4. You're playing my song, Simone.
    Happy to hum along with you.
    Joy abundant.

  5. Sound slike a great day out. I love dog roses. Ours aren't blooming yet.

  6. Lovely to get out and about and enjoy some nature! I love the dog roses so much, your picture is really lovely, Simone.
    Helen xox

  7. I love your style,
    Dear hippy sheep
    But does it get
    Too hot to sleep?


  8. After reading your blog for so many years, Simone, I definitely can see your love of nature. It really is so restorative! xxx

  9. Sounds lovely. I like the peace and solitude of nature best, too. So glad you made some lovely discoveries!


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