Monday, 8 June 2015


The strawberries are ripening quicker than I can pick them now!  I still have a punnet full of shop bought ones before I can delve into these.

On my last post I showed you the giant strawberry that I had picked.  Well that one is nowhere near as big as the latest giant strawberry.  It is humongous!

My last giant strawberry has definitely been upstaged by this beauty.  Such is life!


  1. Garden fresh strawberry, nothing like it! I can smell the delicate scent from here
    Julie xxxxx

  2. What a whopper!
    The strawberries clearly like your garden.
    Lisa x

  3. Your strawberries are way ahead of mine, must be all that southern sunshine, send some my way.....please!!
    V x

  4. I don't think I've ever seen such size! And flawless as well. Had to put the netting over our patch this weekend as we noticed that the birds had discovered the hint of red among the green. Picked our first strawberries yesterday. Nowhere near as large as yours but a singular joy nonetheless.
    Great photos, Simone.

  5. Wow, your strawberries are wonderful Simone looks like a good year in your garden for them. I can't wait to pick our own fruit but until they ripen I bought some local Staffordshire ones over the weekend:)

  6. That really is a giant strawberry! Ours are still flowering - no sign of any fruit yet.

  7. Good grief! How big is that strawberry!

  8. Don't tell the slugs it's strawberry time,
    They've already eaten half of mine.

  9. Wowie zowie, Simone! Those are giant! I may have to post a photo of my tiny ones soon and they will make you laugh!


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