Saturday, 6 June 2015

My Giant Strawberry

I picked the first ripened strawberry of the season from my garden.  It is HUGE.  It is GIANT!  And there are many more to come.  Talking of giant strawberries, one of my all time favourite blogs is titled My Giant Strawberry and is written by Anne Butera.  She has posted about the origins of her blog's name here.  Anne is a highly talented artist and creative person.  She takes beautiful photographs and looks for daily joys in life.  If you like similar things to me then you are sure to love her blog.

Here is a close up of the giant strawberry with my hand for comparison and I have found an even bigger unripened one!  They have been grown in a strawberry bed without using any chemicals or even watering.  I have just let nature do her thing and she has rewarded me with a bounty of fruit!  Even the snails have left the strawberries alone (so far!) and have preferred to devour the leaves instead.  'Fruits' of my previous labour have eventually been paid off.


  1. That is a huge strawberry, Simone ours aren't a quarter that size and still hard and yellow at the moment. You must have had some lovely, mild weather where you live. Have a lovely weekend:)

  2. Oh well done you. Did think of buying a plant in Waitrose today because it was already fruiting - I'm not usually that successful. Saying that I am proud to say that my mini peach tree has now got some mini peaches on it...but not so sure that they will mature into eat me size!!

  3. Wow, what a brilliant strawberry!!!
    V x

  4. Wow! That really is a giant strawberry! :)

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, Simone. I really appreciate your encouragement and kindness and I value our friendship.

    Wishing you a lovely, creative week!

  5. Well done on growing such a huge strawberry!! Thanks for the blog link too, i will pop over for a peek.
    Happy week ahead, Simone.
    Helen xox

  6. WOW! And the good thing about strawberries is the huge ones taste just as good as the small ones!

  7. Ha ha ha! I thought of Anne immediately! That is some giant strawberry, for sure!


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