Sunday, 28 June 2015

Savor Summer

Today feels very unlike summer as it is miserable and rainy.  However my good blogging friend Anne over at My Giant Strawberry has a plan to make every day feel like a summer vacation!  I am very pleased that she has asked me to join in on the fun.  She will be doing an introductory post about the project on her blog on Friday 3 July.

Throughout the month we will be focusing on summer joys on Mondays and on Friday's will be posting either on creative play, book recommendations, recipes or homemade spa treatments.  So, whether you are having a vacation or a stay cation there should be something to inspire you to get into the holiday mood and savour the fleeting days of summer.

The beautiful watercoloured logo above was designed by Anne.  If you click on the logo in my side bar it will take you to Anne's blog.  Don't forget to click on it this coming Friday when Anne will introduce the project to you and hopefully inspire you to take part too!

See you on Friday!



  1. Sounds like fun Simone, I'll look forward to your posts!
    V x

  2. Thanks for linking up, Simone!

    Sending summer thoughts your way, and maybe a little sunshine (though right now, it's rainy here, too... I'm liking it, though, because the garden could use the rain).

  3. Just returned from a tour of Anne's garden and seeing some of what she's been up to in her studio. So many joys of summer to share, despite the weather. Been loving the extra light at the end of the day and watching Jupiter and Venus in their waltz through the western evening sky. They'll be changing places later this week. Tonight we're supposed to see the moon and Saturn together, though it's very cloudy here today and I'm not very hopeful. Hope it'll be clear enough for you to see them.
    Funny how on the 30th of this month we add a second to the year and that the full moon of July is called the short moon.
    Looking forward to a joint venture of savoring summer with you later this week.

  4. Sounds a lot of fun, I shall enjoy seeing and reading all about it
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. This sounds like fun for summertime, Simone. It is always great to savour the seasons and this will be a lovely venture to follow.
    Happy new week.
    Helen xox

  6. Like the sound of this very much and look forward to your posts.
    Lisa x

  7. This sounds like great fun, Simone, I will look forward to reading your posts - savouring the seasons sounds like a wonderful idea:)

  8. Also running out of rhyme...
    Risking a poetic crime.
    May have to speak in normal tongue
    But don't want to be out done.


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