Friday, 10 July 2015

Seashell Jewellery for Aspiring Mermaids

Summer is a great time for collecting shells.  Those that are not perfect specimens can be turned into jewellery to remind one of carefree summer days.  If you are not lucky enough to visit a beach this summer, ask a friend or relative who is going if they would bring you back a few.  Failing that shells can be bought on line.

To make the filled shells I used  a bead reamer and twisted gently in the end of the shell where I wanted to attach my findings.  I pushed a head pin up through the hole (using a bead as a stopper so that the finding wouldn't get pulled through the shell) and used round nosed pliers to gently curl the wire that was sticking up to make the bail.

To fill the shell I used Glossy Accents which is a 3D gloss medium by Ranger, a few glass pearls, silver seed beads and ultra fine glitter.  I started by putting glossy accents into the shell and dropping the beads in.  When satisfied with the arrangement I used a cotton bud to sprinkle the tiniest amount of glitter on top.   I think they look like mini rock pools!

Hang them from pendants, use them as charms or hang in the window.  Experiment with different beads and glitters.  They are great fun to make - quick and satisfying and sure to be an innovative fund raiser for a summer fete too!

If shell themed jewellery is not for you then how about making a wreath?  I had a quick go at making a seashell wreath by using a small cardboard ring.  I wound around a long strip of muslin and then stuck the shells and some grasses on with a hot glue gun.  Not the most inspiring example -more of a tester and experiment for a larger wreath maybe using a willow or foam form as the base.

Many more shell crafts can be found on the links below including candles in shells, sea shell wreaths and garlands.
To join in with Anne and her savor summer project, click here to be taken to her introductory post.  Click on the savor summer picture in my side bar if you want to be taken directly to her current blog post.

Back on Monday with another joy list in July!


  1. What fun, summery projects, Simone! I'm so glad that you're Savoring Summer with me!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. A bit of summer captured forever. Beautiful, original, timeless.

  3. Those shells are beautiful, I really like the idea of making a pendant, thank you for sharing xx

  4. Such pretty shell creations, Simone! I love them, and am enjoying savouring summer over here!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  5. Awe how pretty Simone!! I love the wreath and the jewellery looks like it should belong to a mermaid! :)
    V x

  6. What a good idea - they're very pretty Simone! xx

  7. Hello Simone,

    These are absolutely beautiful, the perfect present for a little mermaid.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Happy days.

  8. Oh I love your seashell projects - what little treasures. The pendants would be perfect gifts for mermaids. I've tons of shells as I can never resist picking them up whenever I'm on a beach.

    By the way Simone I'll tell you the secret of a green "lawn" - neglect! There is more clover and moss in my photo than grass! ;o)

  9. You always have such great ideas, Simone - the shells look very pretty as pendants - I suppose you could make a mobile with them too. I love your shell wreath as well:)

  10. Beautiful shells. I loved collecting shells from the beach
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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