Monday, 10 August 2015

Herkimer Quartz

I have been struggling with knowing what to post about having completed the 'savor summer' blog posts that I had scheduled previously.  My social life has turned around in the last few weeks and I have hardly had time to think let alone make anything to blog about!  It's all good!

As it is a no news kind of a day, I thought I would share a photo of some Herkimer Quartz from the USA that I recently purchased.  They are beautiful and look like rough diamonds.  I can't wait to use them in a piece of jewellery.  Any ideas on how I can incorporate them?

I am looking forward to having some down time this week.  I really want to get stuck in to some jewellery designing and making but the stars have made sure that I have been kept on my toes these last few weeks.  Summer is gradually waning but I am determined to get every last drop out of it until the September Equinox!.  Summer is a long time coming and winters outstay their welcome.  I have never been a 'summer' person but this year decided to embrace it as I will do for all the coming seasons.



  1. I'm not sure how I would advise you to use them Simone but I know I would be happy just looking at them, they are beautiful!
    Im glad you have had a busy summer, I don't want to even think about autumn let alone winter, just wish our weather had been better.
    V x

  2. Do you ever do any pieces were you wrap wire around a gem, that sort of thing might suit these?
    Sorry I have not been commenting recently....time is rushing by and I never seem to have time to sit down and read these days!

  3. These are beautiful, Simone. I want to start making jewelry also.- one of those things I keep saying but never do.I have learned the basics, have plenty of beads, but never get to it. Perhaps we should get together for tea and some jewelry making! xx

  4. I'm glad you are enjoying and savouring summer, Simone - the quartz looks good I wonder what you will make with it?:)

  5. Hope you find lots to savour over the coming months and keep busy creating one way or another.
    Lisa x

  6. All the seasons have their good points. I love them all.

  7. I wonder what you'll spin
    With your pretty bling.

  8. How funny that you're writing about Herkimer Diamonds. I went to Herkimer New York which is near to where Matthias' Uncle and Aunt live when we were visiting them. There is a "diamond mine" where you can find your own stones. You watch a little safety movie and get a hammer and then are let loose in the quarry to look for the quartz. Many pieces are still in other stones. I collected a lot of them, but didn't break them free. I put the rocks with the bits of quartz embedded in my old garden. Since then I've seen jewelry on Etsy made with Herkimer diamonds and thought it was funny that these obscure little stones have become popular. It was my understanding that Herkimer New York is the only place you can find them, though I don't know if that's true or not.

    I hope you figure out something fun to do with them!

    I am glad you have been busy lately, Simone. And that you've been enjoying summer.

    I hope you're having a lovely weekend and a creative week ahead.


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