Monday, 14 September 2015

The Alien on the Lawn

I've not been sleeping well recently.  My mind has been overactive thinking about why coffee isn't sold in bags like instant tea (since found out that it is) and why jigsaw puzzle pieces have the shape they do.  I know that my brain is looking for stimulation and filling it with all kinds of nonsense.

On Sunday morning after another fitful night, I woke up blurry eyed.  I opened up the bathroom window and looked out onto the grass in the back garden.   I was so shaken up to see something lying there.  My first thought was that an alien was curled up sleeping, I then thought that maybe something untoward had fell from an aircraft or that it was a mummified creature.

Camera in hand, feeling apprehensive I made my way down the stairs and out into the garden to confront whatever 'it' was.  I clicked the camera with trepidation thinking that I may startle 'the thing'.

I will leave you to figure out what it was.  Sweet dreams..........................!!!

*Edited 15/9/2015   It is about 12 inches (30cms) across!

* Oh dear.  I hope I haven't scared you all off with my nonsense talk!  Anyway, the 'mystery object' turned out to be an hanging basket liner.  Presumably brought in by a fox.


  1. Hmmmmmmmm......... I give up what is it?
    Mind you it looks like a the clumps of grass that are left after cutting the grass when it is too wet.
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Strange looking thing. Is it furry? Looks like something a cat would sick up, but looks far too big for that!
    Lisa x

  3. It looks like a bit of wadding type material, that you would use to insulate a loft, which has got a bit dirty from being blown around. Isn't it funny how things seem to take on different aspects when viewed across the garden, I often think a large leaf is either a dead bird or fox droppings. Our imaginations are wonderful things aren't they? I do hope your sleeping difficulties right themselves, I know how it is as I often wake between 3 and 4a.m. with my brain whirling with thoughts, take care:)

  4. Haha! I was going to guess what Lisa said about a hairball from a cat.

    Interesting that it ended up being nothing quite so exotic as all the guesses!

    I hope you are sleeping better!


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