Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wish Bracelets

I’ve been making simple 'wish' bracelets.  Wish bracelets comprise of a length of thread with a bead or charm attached.  The idea is to tie the bracelet around your wrist and when the thread eventually wears through your wish comes true.  Now I am not one to promise wishes that I can’t deliver so I like to think of them more as reminders than wishes – a bit like tying a knot in a handkerchief if you want to remember something focusing on the ‘thing’ that you want to remember as you tie the knot.

I’ve attached different charms to these ‘wish’ bracelets and you can choose any meaning to them that has significance to you.  I have listed some possibilities below but you may have your own symbolism for each.

White Pearl – purity, faith, integrity
Moonstone – protection, sensitivity, intuition
Haematite - stability, grounding, calming

These are tiny unobtrusive talismans to be worn continuously until they come off naturally.  All the charms I have used are the real thing;  genuine moonstone, natural freshwater pearl and in the case of the haematite star I have natural gunmetal grey and a gold colour coated one as shown above.  I am also making them with dark grey cord.

Are you drawn to any of them in particular?  Let me know what you think. 

p.s Where is everybody?


  1. These seem like such fun. And you have so many different options for combinations of colors and charms!

  2. I like the haematite and the moonstone ones best because although the pearl one is lovely I'd have to take it off as it dangles slightly and might catch or pull on things like sleeves (hope this makes sense) Yes, where is everyone? Blog land seems very quiet at the moment doesn't it?:)

  3. I am drawn to the star, but also love the perfect little wire loop the pearl is nestled on.
    These are very sweet indeed.
    Lisa x

  4. How pretty. I wonder if everyone is curled up by the fire if it's as chilly where they live as it is here today!

  5. Thanks for all your comments. I was beginning to feel lonely! Yes, you're right Rosie with regards to the pearl. Definitely not so practical as the other two designs. Some rethinking required! x

  6. I'm here!
    Love those, the one with the star is lovely
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. Lovely idea, very pretty too. May all your wishes come true xx


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