Saturday, 17 October 2015

161 in 17 Days

I quit.  I quit two things today. Firstly, after 17 days reading and commenting on 161 blog posts and reading 100's more I have given up on the #300in30days challenge.  You can read about it here.  It has been oh so time consuming averaging at least 3 hours a day to find a blog, read it and leave a comment.  As most people do not blog everyday it has been quite a feat to find a blog  that is current, to comment on each day.  I have a stiff neck, a twitchy eye and a weary mind so I may not be here for a while.

My husband asked me what the purpose of doing it was and now I am not really sure other than I like a challenge!  I did collate some facts from the exercise such as; the most professional looking blogs with advertisements seemed to have the least comments left on them, there are some extremely talented artists out there, the least useful (well, to me for the purpose of this exercise) were blogs that didn't have lists that linked to others in their side bar, 'highly polished blogs' those that don't use the standard blogger templates (like me!) tend to follow other highly polished designer blogs, some outstandingly good blogs get few comments and some blogs don't allow comments. Phew! 

The second thing I quit today was the sewing group that I had joined at the local library.  It takes place once every three weeks.  The point of it was to take along your sewing machine and sit and chat and sew with like minded people doing their own projects helping and encouraging one another.  Each time I have attended I have been the first one there.  Another woman turns up half an hour after it is supposed to start and then she leaves after about one hour into a three hour session to go to work or attend other appointments leaving me as the sole person at the 'group'!  The whole point of joining was for it to be a 'SOCIAL' occasion and it has been anything but!   It seems now that my entire 'social' life is carried out via a computer.  No-one seems to have the time of day for me in the 'real' World sense.

As well as quitting two things today, I started something 2 weeks ago but may quit that again too!  I started back at the vineyard for a grape harvesting session as they were short on volunteers.  It was a very strange experience after not being there for getting on a year.  A couple of people were happy to see me return and I expect the majority didn't even know that I had left.  It is quite a sobering thought to know how dispensable we really are.

Well, I can feel myself going down that pitiful route of  loneliness, unworthiness and insignificance again so I better quit (not again!) while ahead.  On a happier front, I am still sorting out the craft room and can't wait for it to be a usable space again and not just a storage room.  I have found lino cutting materials and all sorts of paper crafting sets that I had forgotten about.  I have turned more balls of wool into new - see photo above - and original post here, and been generally getting on top of the mammoth task or sorting out my 'stuff'.

I have lots of practical things to get on with so I will say cheerio for now but leave you with a quote that I think applies to me today.

When everything is lonely I can be my best friend.

Conor Oberst


  1. I don't get out much so tend to be on my own a lot, never really know how to do anything about it. Looking forward to seeing your new look craft room xx

  2. Well if something isn't working for you Simone, then why continue, there is no shame in that!
    Perhaps the sewing group wasn't the best place for meeting other people but I'm sure there are other things in your area.
    Looking forward to seeing the 'new' craft room!
    V x

  3. I stay in a lot, but I do meet a couple of friends for coffee every so often but not regularly. Your sewing group sounded a bit disappointing.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. I'd call it 'learning' not quitting... have you considered volunteering in a charity shop? It worked for me. Sending positive wishes. xx

  5. The commenting was a huge challenge, Simone and you did so well to leave as many comments as you did - it is very time consuming. I've not written a post for over a week, I have things to say but not the inclination to sit at the computer for very long. I've been busy this week with doctors (flu and pneumonia jabs and blood pressure checks), dentists (check ups) and hairdressers (tidy up) my sister is in hospital so visits needed there too - a couple of hours drive away. Have an exhibition, theatre and cinema visits to report on but they will have to wait. It is a shame about the sewing group that could have been such a good thing too. Hope that the sorting out of your crafting room goes well, take care:)

  6. Great challenges indeed, at least you gave it a go -and tried your best at it. Leaving comments can be time consuming, been there and still doing that!

  7. Simone, I hope you discovered a gem or two while visiting and commenting on so many blogs. I feel richer for having you in my life as a blogging friend, and I do mean friend. This means caring and sharing at whatever level we are able to muster via this thing called the internet.
    I was looking for greeting cards at a little shop last week that sells the type of cards you can't find at bigger stores. One contained a statement something like this: I've learned a lot from my mistakes, so I plan to keep making them. You get the idea. Mistakes have led to some of the world's greatest discoveries. You aren't quitting, you're making a course correction. It's what we need to do to keep growing. It's all a part of this journey called living.
    Whatever choice you make about your blogging, please keep posting your marvelous photographs and letting us have a window into your world. It broadens our own horizons tremendously. Besides, I would miss you dreadfully.

  8. What a disappointment your sewing group was. Maybe its timing was just bad. Maybe there's another group you could join somewhere (at a sewing/fabric shop?) or maybe your library could change the time of the group to attract more people?

    Sorry to hear that your commenting challenge didn't work out, either. That was a very daunting challenge to try, but I hope that maybe you found one or two blogs that you'd like to read in the future. And maybe you've connected with someone new. Even connecting with one person would make it worth it.

    I hope you enjoy working at the vineyard again. And don't worry about others' perceptions. Everyone is into their own lives. It has nothing to do with you!

    Going a bit further than your quote, if you can't be your own best friend no one else can either.

    Can't wait to see what you create with all your newly found goodies. Maybe you'll make some lino prints!

    Hang in there Simone and have a great week!

  9. I completely understand your decision regarding the comment challenge, Simone. You gave it a go, and I'm glad you did, for it brought you to my blog and now I get to read of your adventures and get to know you better. I think it's fine that you're trying different avenues for socializing and creativity (the sewing, vineyard, etc.). Sometimes we have to experiment until we find the place where we feel "at home". Hugs, Nancy


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