Thursday, 22 October 2015

Blue Kitty

I sketched this kitty on white paper but when I photographed it in failing light the paper came out blue!  So, here we have a blue on blue kitty!  I did take some more photos where the paper came out white but there was a dark shadow in the corner of the paper and I don't know how to photo shop or edit photos (something for my 'to do' list I think.)

It has been an interesting exercise to draw with a coloured pencil as there is no place for errors or the ability to erase the bits I don't like.  The pencils have not been the best I have used because they seem to lack pigment and constantly need sharpening.  I do have some other brands of pencils to try and may even use watercolour pencils.

This kitty was a pleasure to sketch.  I think that liking the subject matter helps the outcome enormously.


  1. Simone, you are a very talented artist. Your kitten is full of life; beautiful. I'm married to an artist and am constantly amazed at his ability to create beauty on canvas. I didn't get that gene. I see you most certainly did. Thank you for sharing your art. It brings joy to my heart. I'm sure it does to others, as well. xo ~ Nancy

  2. Such a cute kitty.
    Try a look at the picmonkey website, it's a good one for editing photos.
    Lisa x

  3. Such a pretty kitty. i like the idea of using the coloured pencils and paper. Will give it a try - but doubt whether my skills are as good as yours

  4. Awe......I really, really love this one Simone!
    V x

  5. Pencil lines so fine and true,
    I wish I could draw like you!

  6. The blue kitty is lovely, Simone - I love its face - you have captured it so well:)

  7. A lovely drawing of such a pretty kitty, Simone. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  8. This sketch is fabulous, Simone!! You are a very talented artist - I think you should draw more often! xx

  9. Simone, your sketches are wonderful!! Definitely keep going with them. I've really enjoyed doing a daily sketchbook. Maybe you should try it, too.


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