Sunday, 25 October 2015

Flaky Painting

Since I started sketching this week, I thought I would go a step further and do some water colour painting too.  I used my rich and creamy Kuretake paints which are unlike any other water colour paint I have known with such vibrant colours.  For my inspiration I chose photos of flowers from a gardening magazine.   As I wanted a quick result I really rushed what I was doing and slapped on the background paint without much thought and care.  Annoyed and disappointed with myself I thought about how I could make my rushed work look acceptable.  I decided on covering the whole painting with sea salt flakes to absorb the water and create an interesting effect.  I used a spray bottle to add more water to see what would happen.  At this stage I had written off the painting anyway.

I left it overnight to dry out and brushed the salt off this morning.  Well, I brushed off most of the salt but some of it was stuck fast!  So, using my wax pastels I went over the flowers trying to add some detail back into the washed out effect colouring over crunchy salt flakes as I did so.  I am not really happy with how this turned out but I will chop up the painting and stick it on the front of a journal to learn from my mistake.  I don't know why I hurry the things that I do.  I guess that I am always wanting to try out the next thing.  I think I need to start an art journal with the words' patience is a virtue' and use that as my guiding mantra as I fill the pages!

I hope everyone is having/had a great weekend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'm not blessed with much patience either Simone, always in a hurry!!
I think your painting turned out well and I'm glad you're going to use it and not discard it!!
V x

Anne Butera said...

I can be in a hurry all the time, too, Simone, but you know what has gotten me to slooooooow down? Watercolor painting. (To the point that sometimes I can be to slow and meticulous.) There's something so wonderful about being in the moment when you're painting. Slowly. Taking your time. Watching the paint do its thing. Not rushing ahead. Just being there. With the paper and the brush and the paint and the water. It can be very meditative.

Glad to know you've in an art groove. Just keep going! :)

Marigold Jam said...

But it all turned out fine in spite of your rush didn't it?!

Judy Hartman said...

I think your painting is good, Simone! Believe me, I have a sketch book with good work and bad, and I just leave it all in there. I go back and look at my "disappointments" - sometimes laughing at them, sometimes working on them further. It's all a process and you'll do better next time. You're very talented and need to believe that! xx

Lisa said...

That is such a vibrant red, you were right bout the richness of those colours.
Lisa x

KC'sCourt! said...

That is amazing. Its very pretty
Julie xxxxx

Rosie said...

It's a lovely painting, Simone and it all turned out ok even after rushing at first. I tend to rush at things too, sometimes. Hope you had a lovely weekend:)