Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

I am not really into the commercial aspect of Halloween.  Tonight I will be closing the curtains and hiding from the children!  The problem is we are more likely to encounter  teenage troublemakers with threatening behaviour rather than sweet little souls in fancy dress knocking for trick or treat.  I am a little sorry though that I haven't managed to make a pumpkin pie this year as I traditionally do every October 31st.  Never mind.  I will make one in the week.

Out for a walk to clear my head and throw off some of the cobwebs (pun intended)  I couldn't fail to be impressed with the amount of effort a neighbour had put into decorating their front garden for Halloween.  They had put so much detail into making their garden into a graveyard.  I have shared a little of the garden above.  A lot of it was too scary to show on here but they really went to town with pumpkins and candles and monsters and skeletons sticking out of coffins and bins!!!  It did raise my spirits (pun intended again!)  and made me happy that on this occasion I had taken my camera with me.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween, Simone - I wish we could share our pumpkin pie with you. We have had loads of children at our door in weird and wonderful costume, three little clowns too who when asked said they had dressed as clowns because a lot of people found them scary. Have a lovely weekend:)

  2. I agree, it really is a bit over the top these days....I remember when an old sheet was good enough now parents must spend huge amounts of money on costumes and make up!
    I did nothing this year (mainly because the cats would of destroyed it...the little monsters!) but also I just didn't get into it this year....maybe next year. I do like the idea of your neighbours garden though!

  3. Like most holidays, everything is more extravagant as people try to out do the other. Neighbors really went all out indeed.

  4. I like the skeleton rising up from the grave!
    I don't blame you not answering the door if you;re not sure who is going to be out there. We live very near to an infant and junior school and the area is full of families with younger children. We used to decorate the house a little before we had children and we gave out sweets to callers then too, but the numbers have doubled since then! The children enjoy the decorating and the idea of lots of chocolate and they won't want to be doing it forever so I'm enjoying it whilst they do.
    Lisa x


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