Thursday, 3 December 2015

More Wood Block Stamping

I have been a little preoccupied with making Christmas cards.  I really want to finish up making them now as I want to move on to other things (as usual!) The cards above are small 4 x 4 inches and ideal to pop into the doors of my neighbour's who hopefully appreciate handmade things.  It is a sad fact that many people that I know would rather have something mass produced and 'perfect' rather than a little rustic quirkiness!

A busy week lies ahead with trying to straighten the house out for Christmas and putting up the tree, finding out more about Vedic astrology, applying to go on a Television show (don't ask!) and if I get time - to do some embroidery on paper.  There is always so much to learn and do.


Every day the news seems to get more horrific, shocking and ugly.  My antidote to this is to immerse myself with creating beauty and focusing on things that make me happy.  If I am happy then perhaps it will rub off on those around me.  Let us refuse to be dragged down into the mire! 

Wishing you all happy days ahead - Spring WILL come again and summer too.  Close your eyes and imagine a sweetly scented breeze, fluffy white clouds, bees buzzing and buds bursting forth!  Feel better now? :-)


  1. Oh I'm always imagining spring!!!
    Your cards are beautiful Simone,the colour is so lovely.
    I know you said 'don't ask' but I'm asking??
    V x

  2. Lovely cards. Glad you are busy enjoying yourself and I agree with you about trying not to get dragged down into the mire! I'm asking too and would add a word of caution re the TV show - be sure that the producers don't have some hidden agenda which might make you wish you hadn't been on TV. I say this as I have twice been almost on a show and the first show I was glad I wasn't selected as all the people who were on it seemed to me to have been made out to be eccentrics although they probably were not nearly as weird as they seemed and the second one I refused for the same reasons - I know I am weird but I didn't want the whole viewing population to know this too! But maybe the show you are wanting to be on wouldn't be like this anyway and if it's something you want I wish you luck.

  3. PS - There are daffodils out along the road I noticed this morning whilst waiting for the bus so spring might not be long!

  4. Fluffy white clouds- sounds perfect.
    I think your cards are perfect- beautiful crafting as always.
    Lisa x

  5. The news and the weather are both farther dismal at the moment, I am also looking froward to spring.....just have to get winter out of the way first! I love your cards though.

  6. I too hate what is happening in the world today; trying to focus on the simplicity of every day things and seeking out the beauty that is still around as well as creating your own is a good idea. I hope whatever television show it may be you get accepted. I love the individuality of your cards - these deer ones are wonderful and so festive:)

  7. I love these cards
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. Glad you're on a crafty card-making kick, Simone, even if you're ready to be done with it. :)

    Sounds like you are busy, busy, busy.

    Wishing you many sweet imaginings of warm breezes and buzzing bees!

  9. Hi simone
    those cards are beautiful and I for one would appreciate a hand made card. I know what you mean about people prefering the mass produced stuff, I have a daughter like this ( she doesn't take after her Mum and Dad ).
    As for the state of the world, I am like you and inclined to just get on with my hobbies and hope for better things, but looking back through time there have always been these turmoils in the world but that doesn't mean its right.
    Have a lovely weekend

  10. Your cards are really lovely Simone. What a busy time you are having....I hope to hear about the TV show?! Yes, it is lovely to dream of Spring and gardens and flowers on these blustery grey days!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  11. These deer are most enchanting, Simone. I love that you printed them over music. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

    I've decided to embrace the season as is and not wish it were any other time than now. It's the magic that springs from living in a land of four seasons, that each will arrive in turn, that I find comforting as we move ever nearer the winter solstice. May you be also comforted.
    Sending cheer.

  12. What lovely cards i think the design is so classy.
    I still trying to find the time to finish mine.

  13. Love that gorgeous green colour, especially with the gold highlights. And yes, spring is really just around the corner! To cheer you I'm recommending you watch this beautiful film shared on my facebook feed yesterday. It will lift your spirits - if they need lifting that is.

  14. Lovely post, Simone. That's exactly the way that I choose to deal with such tragic world news - by keeping busy and being creative.
    And I do understand what you mean about people appreciating hand made "rustic" work. I've learned by experience to give my hand made goodies to select people who have shown an appreciation for it.
    Tantalizing bit about possibly being on TV! Do tell!! xx


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