Friday, 1 January 2016

Blinging a Ring to Spring

Happy New Year!!!  Being that my word for 2016 is Advance - I really am advancing forward and looking to the next season on the calendar!  I am not wishing away the next few months of winter but just being proactive in the dreary months when I can get a foothold on my jewellery making and catching up with other things too!

I have been making these stretchy rings that are such fun to put together.  My focus has shifted from the darker earthy tones to the bright and zesty colours of the spring and summer time.

I am not going to let this year pass me by without squeezing every drop of productivity that I can get out of it.  I feel that last year was lived through a haze vicariously through others.  This year is mine for the taking!


Lisa said...

I love them Simone. Do you mind me asking if you are considering selling them? I love the clear one.
Lisa x

KC'sCourt! said...

They are so pretty
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Simone said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you for asking. I am trying to put a 'collection' together of spring themed jewellery and will hopefully be listing them in my etsy shop for sale. x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Gorgeous rings Simone and indeed very springlike! Don't worry about fast forwarding to spring......I do it all the time! ;)
Happy new year!
V xx

Judy Hartman said...

Good for you, Simone!! These rings are so pretty and Springy!!
Wishing you a wonderful year of advancement and productivity! xx

Bev C said...

Hello Simone,

You are so creative, the rings really have sparkle and shine.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2016.

Happy days.

Rosie said...

They are lovely, Simone - very pretty and certainly spring like:)

Ethel Johnson said...

I'm not a ring person but wouldn't they make lovely brooches? just a thought. Good luck with the Etsy and Happy New Year. xx

sharon said...

Pretty and very spring -y.
It's cold, the ground is buried in snow, the sun is shining brilliantly today. Still enjoying the afterglow of the holidays but happy the mental shift can be towards working cozily on projects that I've had to put aside for too long. Yes, spring outside would be lovely. Especially with all the seed catalogs I find in my mailbox each day causing me to want to dig in the dirt. I can always find indoor ways to ease my green thumbs' throbbing at this time of year. But really, I'm just happy to know I have a couple of months when I can work in my sewing room or at my art desk. And maybe actually get back to my blog, so much neglected of late.
Will be eager to see how your work progresses. You have a real gift, you know. And we love being able to get a good view through your beautiful photography.

Anne Butera said...

Your rings are pretty and colorful, Simone! Glad you've been busy making in the new year and that you're determined to make 2016 a good one!

Hope it is a wonderful year for you!