Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Fruit Bowl Ponderings

I have already chopped and changed a few plans that I have had this year.  This morning I had fresh mango for breakfast and decided there and then that I would have a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast every morning.

This year got off to a rocky start and yesterday I was disappointed to find out that I was unsuccessful in my application to be on a TV show.  I had no desire to be on TV but the premise of the show was to have your house remodelled (at your own cost) by top architects and designers and I wanted to have access to their expertise and experience - oh well back to the drawing board for me and my husband.

Whilst pondering over my bowl of fruit,  I made the decision to stop buying from my 'local' supermarket chain and walk into town to a more affordable supermarket twice a week.   That way I will be saving £'s and losing pounds (if I walk briskly enough)!

So, my things to do this year are listed below.  I will move them to my sidebar at a later date so that I can stay on track.

  • Only eat fruit for breakfast every day
  • Walk to town to food shop twice a week
  • Renew passport
  • Have dental check up
  • Have eye check up
  • Continue to practise my art and crafts to perfection 
  • Make a high end range of jewellery
  • Make lots of money (one can dream)

I hope that you are embracing the new year with gusto!  I am advancing nicely into 2016 and have set myself goals to work towards.


  1. I love a bowl of fruit for breakfast,it's so refreshing. We walked into town today to do a bit of shopping because the rain has stopped us walking as much as we usually do so I'm missing the exercise:)

  2. Mmmm, that mango looks delicious - my favourite fruit!! Will be keeping an eye on your 'to do' list then LOL xxx

  3. Oh I hope you make lots and lots of money Simone!
    I wouldn't want to be on TV either.
    Fresh fruit sounds like a lovely way to start the day, although I have to admit to not liking mango, to me it tastes, feels and smells like soap, sorry!
    V x

  4. I must get my eyes tested too, I'm sure I need new glasses.
    A bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast is such a healthy way to start the day, imagine eating it in the garden in summer, just lovely!
    Lidl have applied to open a supermarket within walking distance from us, if they get the go ahead I think I'm going to be putting my polka dot shopping trolley to good use.
    Lisa x

  5. Ooooh that Mango looks absolutely yummy
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. I would have loved to see you on TV, how brave of you!...keep trying you might get lucky one day. I'm with you on that list apart from the last one I'd change 'money' for 'time' every time. xx

  7. Sounds like you've started the year as you mean to go on - with dreams and plans and the ability to bounce back from knocks (you never know, something better than the TV programme could crop up!!) I used to walk to the supermarket several times a week when O was in the pushchair as it was about a half hour walk and I could load up the buggy... I kinda miss those days! Here's to a healthy and happy new start :)

    (just to let you know I have stopped writing at The Family Patch now and am launching Spirit Kid Network today so if you see that name pop up in comments, it's just me!)

  8. Hi Simone and a Happy New Year. I have missed not been able to follow along with everyone recently so just catching up gradually. You seem to have 2016 well in hand - the fruit for breakfast seems a good move as does the walk to the shops. I look forward to seeing more of your jewellery and crafts too - you always make such lovely things. Sorry you missed the chance to have some expert advice for your home makeover - I could loan out my husband - he happens to be an architect!!

  9. Looks like you have a good list there, Simone! Wishing you all the best as you check things off of it!

    I hope YOU are embracing the new year with gusto, too! :)


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