Thursday, 14 January 2016

Wood Block Printing

Having bought some beautiful wooden printing blocks and fabric paints with Christmas money, I have been eager to 'do something' with them.  After trying out different configurations of designs on paper I thought this design (among others to come) would look nice on a tote bag with a view to selling them.

Without going into details of the conversation I had with my husband and son, suffice to say that the design is simple and anyone can do it and that the rows where not lined up perfectly, I would value your opinion.  Is it too plain?  If you was going to buy a tote bag would you go for a simple design like this or one that showed more advanced skills?  Would you like to see more than one colour of paint used (colour above is Parma Violet).  Are there any motifs you would like to see printed such as stars or flowers or do you prefer geometric shapes?

I feel as though I am fighting against the tide sometimes.  I am a creative -  husband is not and never the twain shall meet.  I would appreciate some impartial advice about the tote bag above and what improvements could be made to the design. 

Thanking you in advance!


  1. I honestly think it's lovely Simone. I also think stars and flowers and different colours would be good too because if you're making them with a view to sell then you'll need to cater for different tastes and preferences, so you'll really need a little bit of everything but don't be put off as it really does look great.
    V x

  2. That looks very professional to me. I would do a variety of styles and see what sells best. I use them all the time now. xx

  3. I love the diamond shape you have made with the whirls - do you have it on both sides of the bag? The colour is delicate and I like the matching gift tag too. You could try a brighter colour as well but I think one colour rather than lots of different colours is nice:)

  4. I think it's fine and for a shopping bag I wouldn't be too picky about the design. You might try same design with some in different colours or all in a different colour or whatever you feel like really. Is it going to be washable? I have several cotton tote bags and they do get dirty especially if I carry greengrocery in them so are often in the wash - you maybe should say if they are or are not? I have a husband who is not always enthusiastic about my ideas either so in future perhaps don't ask just do whatever you like! What would you be thinking of charging for them - maybe don't spend too much time on them if you want to sell them fairly cheaply so they are more likely to sell.

  5. I think it looks really nice as it is Simone. As others have suggested, try a variety, all one colour or multi-colour. And don't ask hubby - if he has no appreciation of craft, there's no point asking him, otherwise you just end up disappointed. keep going with them xxx

  6. What a gorgeous design. That would be the design style I would go for and look to see if there was other shapes like roses, triangles, whatever set out like that design. I also love that colour. Make the diamond shape design your style and use different blocks and colours. I love it
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. I think your tote bag looks beautiful in its simplicity. I love the look of block printed fabrics (and look at your sweet card matching the design!). Block printed items are supposed to be simple. That's what's wonderful about them.

    The argument that "anyone can do it" is really pretty silly because most of those "anyones" don't. Trust yourself, Simone. And maybe don't look for advice or feedback from someone who isn't going to be supportive.

    Keep creating, my friend! It's what your soul is meant to do.

  8. I like it. If you're making something I think then go with what you like and then your enthusiasm and care will show through.
    Lisa x


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