Thursday, 11 February 2016

Back to Living a Life

After writing my last blog post I gave myself a good talking to.  A lot of my apathy and resignation to 'my lot' and the hand that life has dealt me, was because I failed to get the job I had recently applied for and had a particularly horrendous experience at the dental surgery again.  Why do dentists want to kill me?!!!  Anyway,  I started to think about what I can do to get some self respect back.  I am sure that the low opinion of myself has a knock on effect in other areas of my life and as long as I imagine that I have the word 'doormat' emblazoned on my front and 'kick' me' on my back, people will continue to wipe their feet on me or lest treat with disregard.

What can I do to get back some self respect?  Well, I have decided that self care is important and I am making healthier choices in my diet.  I am taking care in grooming and presentation and when I feel better (yes, a debilitating and unrelenting cold took hold just after my last pitiful blog post)  I will take a trip to the shops and buy some new clothes with my husband's hard earned cash and get my hair done.  I portray myself like a working woman from London's 17th Century with one outfit to be worn everyday and one outfit for best.  Yes I joke a little but it is not far off from the truth. 

In addition to taking pride in my outward appearance again I am doing some online courses to sharpen my brain.  The courses are free and will only cost my time and effort to do.  They are available by ALISON and can be found by clicking here.  With hundreds of choices from anatomy to art, photoshop to psychology, masonry skills to multimedia, there really is something for everyone.  I have just completed a course in English writing skills and quite fancy the one on colour theory for artists and designers.

In other news, I am still walking to the budget supermarket twice a week.  Today's indulgent purchases there were French biscuits.  The biscuits can be shared between husband and son and the lovely tins are for me!


  1. Go Simone!!! And yes you go and spend your husbands money, one of my favourite things to do (he doesn't care)!!!! 😄
    I love those tins, my daughter would too, are they in Lidl??

    V x

  2. Yes Vivienne! They are in Lidl and they are £2.49 each. There was another one with the picture of the l'arc de triomphe too! x

  3. Good for you, Simone I hope you enjoy finding some new clothes and studying those courses. The biscuit tins are lovely, I must look out for those:)

  4. That's the ticket Simone - onward and upwards. Love the tins!! xx

  5. Hello Simone,

    Well done, hope you find some lovely outfits. Great tins, they will hold some of your craft supplies perfectly.

    Happy days.

  6. Hope you are feeling better inside and out. Nothing like treating yourself, and I love those tins.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. Look after number one
    And she'll reciprocate
    Because I think you'll find
    She's probably your best mate.

  8. So glad you are feeling positive Simone and wishing you well. Love those little tins! Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  9. There are hundreds of uses for pretty tins and if the original contents are tasty then so much the better!
    Lisa x

  10. Hello again, Simone. I am so glad you are feeling more "up". I think giving ourselves a little extra care can be a real 'pick me up'!!
    Sometimes even a bit of makeup or nail polish can make all the difference. You are funny, wise, talented and kind - you have nothing to be ashamed of and certainly deserve a treat - every day if necessary!! And I do respect your taking online courses!! x

  11. There has been so much written you and then other commenters. I do sometimes wish we could all get together in a room, with lots of tea and a cozy fire. A circle of women can cure so many things. Alas, we are your virtual circle, Simone, and may that help even the teeny, tiniest bit. xo

  12. All good things to do and hope that they make you feel good. And in a marriage people have different roles and make up a team. Sometimes one of those gets paid for the work that they do and the other doesn't. When that is the case the other must share what they have - the non waged has earned it too through the unpaid work that they do and the contributions that they bring to the household.

    Sadly sometimes the unwaged gets to feel like they are undeserving but really this is not the case at all as they often work harder, and their work is more industrious and creative and necessary than any that is paid for.


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