Thursday, 17 March 2016

Country Living Magazine Spring Fair 2016

I thought I would pop by in case any of you thought I had gone for good!  I've been busy focusing on getting fit and healthy and spending more time out in the fresh air, so not made too much time for blogging.
Recently I was lucky enough to be given a couple of tickets for the Country Living Magazine Spring fair and as it is just one hour away from where I live I had no excuse not to go.  It seemed bigger than I remember (last went in 2009) and there was much to see and do.  What was new to me was the Newcomers Market - cash only stalls that are just starting out on their journey's in business.  It was a shame but by the time I had reached them I had already blown my budget on another stall!

Also new to me were the workshops where you could could take a class in needle felting, stamp making and printing or make a Chocolate Easter Bunny among other things.  I decided to do the needle felting workshop but a 40 minute lesson under pressure to produce a needle felted bird that also resembled a needle felted bird would take me a whole afternoon at least!

Although I liked many of the stalls I didn't really see anything that was original to me.  The jewellery was predominately silver or gemstones, the clothing - high end linen or folksy- natural- fibre - earth -mother (I like that look!)  Other stalls included pretty liberty print type fabrics, vintage wares, natural and organic cosmetics, pottery, artisan food and chocolates and beautiful handbags and footwear.  Unfortunately a lot of the goods were way above my budget but there were more affordable offerings too.

One thing struck me as I walked around the floors and that was how many women fair goers were dressed the same.  All smartly dressed - Boden, Saltwater, Joules etc. and carrying Cath Kidston or Orly Kiely bags and virtually everyone had a fine scarf knotted at the neck.  I so wanted to fit this template but with my stretchy trousers and padded purple jacket I was far off the mark.  I did however, have the ubiquitous fine scarf strategically knotted at the decollete which does much to mask my half a century old neck!

I have another day left to spend at the fair and will probably spend some time exploring the streets around the borough of Islington too.  


  1. Oh how I wish I could go to this fair with you, Simone! I wouldn't recognize any of the clothing or purse lines you mentioned and it wouldn't bother me one wit. Just to be at such an amazing event arm in arm with a friend like you would be a marvelous treat. Happy to know you've been taking care of yourself and recharging at the same time.
    happy spring.

  2. Lucky you being able to pop along to the Fair. I haven't been to this for the longest time. I love the Christmas one.
    Enjoy your next trip and looking like an individual rather than ticking all the lifestyle boxes!
    Lisa x

  3. I see women dressed exactly like that when sometimes we pop up to the Emma Bridgewater factory shop for coffee. It is almost like a uniform, isn't it? I like the sound of your purple padded jacket. It sounds as if you enjoyed your visit and I look forward to hearing more about it when you go again especially your exploration of the streets around:)

  4. Oh lucky you - I've fancied the Country Living Show for years, but I've always imagined it would be pricey (as you confirm) as well as being rather a long way for a day out. Maybe though one of the years!!

    Julia x

  5. I love would to go to the Country Living Mag fair, you are do lucky to live only an hour away.
    So glad the health and fitness regime is going well!
    V x

  6. I love a scarf to hide my wrinkled age
    but why is overpriced style all the rage?


  7. Sounds like you had a great day out though
    Julie xxxxxx

  8. Such a lovely opportunity, Simone! I recently went to an upscale mall (which I seldom do) and felt like a complete mess compared to some other shoppers! But I laughed it off and did not stay long!! :) xx

  9. Sounds like such fun, Simone. I went to the American Country Living Fair one year and although I enjoyed it it was a pricy way to spend the day. My girlfriend and I bought lots of yummy food (see where my priorities are!) but after that I didn't have much in my budget left to spend on the bits and bobs that caught my eye. Totally know what you mean about the sameness of the fair-goers. Be happy to dance to your own drummer!


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