Friday, 18 March 2016

Country Living Magazine Spring Fair - Part 2

I didn't take too many photos at the fair just ones that I thought my readers would like.

 I don't think the bike would fare too well over that gravel!

 Inside one of the beach huts/sheds.  Wouldn't this be a lovely place to write/read/stitch or blog?

 I love these chairs!

 A wonderful stall full of the wooden stamps I am so fond of.

I didn't buy too much at the fair.  But I did buy some lovely Swedish clogs, a crinkly cotton blue dress, some wooden stamps and a small handful of Liberty print fabric.  If you are ever coming to London it is worth visiting when the show is on and staying over.  I didn't get a chance to show you all the lovely shops and places to visit around Islington and didn't get time to photograph much around the area today.  That will give me an excuse to go back another time.


  1. Love the Beach Huts. I am drooling over the Liberty fabric and those shoes
    Jule xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love the beach huts and I like all your purchases especially the stamps and the shoes:)

  3. Lovely images Simone and what a beautiful array of goodies, what excellent taste!!!
    V x

  4. How wonderful, Simone! Wish I could have gone with you! I may have purchased the same things, and perhaps a chair!! xx

  5. Those beach huts are beautiful, but in the real world they could never stay so pristine looking. Doesn't stop me wanting one though!
    Those chairs are amazing and look so comfy too.
    I absolutely love your new shoes.
    Lisa x

  6. Oh what fun, Simone! I adore those shoes and your other sweet finds! There's something so special about Liberty fabric, isn't there!

    Hope you make lots of fun stuff with your wooden stamps!

  7. Oh, Simone. As I got to the last photo in this post I thought how perfect each of the treasures pictured there would be for you and then read that they WERE yours!. I adore those clogs! How could you choose among all of those stamps? Can't wait to see what you come up with using them and the lovely fabrics. SO glad you treated yourself. Any chance we'll get to see you in that scrumptious blue dress?? Sigh.

  8. Looks like you had a great day of inspiration and I could be very happy in that little hut. xx

  9. So lovely to visit the Country Living Spring Fair with you Simone! Your photos are so inspiring and I love all the things you bought too! I hope to go again sometime, and you are right, it's a good idea to stay near the venue and explore Islington too.
    Helen xox


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