Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Welcoming Easter

I put my new hare stamp to use straight away printing a tea towel for my kitchen which has red accessories.  I think it is rather jolly - do you?

Although I am on a non- sugar health kick I didn't want to deprive any one else at home of a sweet treat and have put a few chocolates out to brighten the house for Easter.  On a 'bad news' day it is good to be uplifted by nice images.  As I said (in other words) to a blogging friend the other day  'if we focus on all the good things the 'bad stuff' won't get a look in.'  Here's to cramming our lives with good things; food, friends, thoughts and images.


sharon said...

Love your tea towel!
I with you on the good things kick. Especially today, Anne's birthday.
And don't you have one coming right around the corner???? Happy early b-day to you.

Helen Philipps said...

Your hare stamping looks fabulous Simone! These are such cheerful photos too.....Happy Easter!
Helen xox

Ethel Johnson said...

How can you resist that chocolate? Love the hare stamp... sending good wishes for Easter. xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'll second that Simone!! We need to create the good!

I love your tea towel, what lovely vivid images, can't go wrong with a hare!! :)

V x

Julia said...

I love the hare - it's a very folk arty style! Don't know how you can resist the chocolate, but then again I am a chocoholic:0)

Julia x

Rosie said...

It is hard not to focus on the bad things but you have provided wonderful images to cheer, especially the lovely hares on your tea towel:)

Karen L R said...

That hare stamp! Put to such good use. Happy spring!

KC'sCourt! said...

Have a good Easter Simone
Julie xxxxxx

Lisa said...

What a beautiful tea towel to have in your kitchen, it can't fail to raise a smile.
I like the good things philosophy!
Lisa x

Anne Butera said...

Oooh, that rabbit stamp looks lovely. So glad you picked it up. Looking forward to seeing what else you'll create with your stamps!