Monday, 4 April 2016

New Ways of Eating

My felt animal making for the jointed toys is on hold.  I have the felt, the glass eyes, and even the cotter joints but the felt is not standing up well to being over handled, turned inside out etc.  I will have to use this felt for easier projects and get a thicker felt to withstand intricate manipulation!

In the meantime I have been busy doing other things such as getting used to new food supplies.  Ever since I changed my eating habits from 9th Feb this year I have a store cupboard of new (to me) foods which include such things as coconut flour, chia seeds, coconut oil, cocoa nibs etc.  Today I made a pizza using the chia seeds with ground almonds to make a base and then added a topping of mozzarella cheese, spring onions, chili flakes, ground black pepper, rocket and Parmesan shavings drizzled with olive oil.  It was up to the standard of being served at a fancy bistro without the exorbitant price tag.  I got the recipe from the Ideal Home magazine (March issue).  I can see this recipe becoming a regular make for me.

Today is a bit gloomy although I was able to cut the grass on Saturday before the rains came!  I have so many things I want to do inside and outside the house including  (outside) growing water lilies in pots - how wonderful would that be? 

I hope today is the start of an inspiring early spring week for you all.  Spring - isn't it a wonderful season with so much hope and potential?


  1. Oh my Simone that pizza looks and sounds absolutely delicious!
    Hopefully the animal making will recommence soon, I am looking forward to them.
    I'm very curious about growing water lilies in pots!!?
    V x

  2. The pizza sounds yummy
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Wow, your Pizza sounds and looks delicious:)

  4. Such a delicious sounding pizza! And very healthy too :) Hope you sort out the felt for your bears is always a bit of trial and error at first till you find the right materials, I think.
    Happy April, Simone.
    Helen xox

  5. I'm in anticipation
    to see your bear creation.
    Hoping new thick skin
    will hold the stuffing in.

  6. I applaud your new ways of eating. As for me, I would be so delighted to be able to plant spring veggies, but the weather here just isn't nice enough. Meanwhile, lots of seedlings growing under my lights in the basement bringing their own joy to my days. We did harvest spinach and onion from the garden and cooked them into our hens' eggs for omelets this weekend.

    I have two enormous pots of iris in the pond that need thinning, and only one small water lily. Maybe I'll remove the iris entirely and just add more lilies.

    There are so many weights of felt being sold today. I think perhaps the lighter ones are best left to appliqué. I do look forward to seeing your critters come to life, so I hope you can find some suitable felt soon. Won't the clothes be fun?? Some of that lighter weight felt would be food for that as well. best wishes.

  7. That must be the healthiest sounding pizza I've ever heard of, glad you enjoyed it so much to think it'll be a regular make.
    I would love to see the water lilies in the pots what a wonderful idea.
    Lisa x

  8. Spring is certainly a wonderful season! We've had far too much snow this April, though. I'm ready for some flowers!

    Your pizza sounds interesting! Hope you continue to discover new, delicious foods!

    I hope you do grow water lilies in pots. I'd love to see them!


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