Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Painting Blossoms

I felt like painting today so I went out and bought some cheap acrylic paints and canvas boards.  I have been eager to start to learn how to paint flowers from the book Painted Blossoms by Carrie Schmitt since receiving her book as a Christmas present last year.  I do feel a bit vulnerable putting my first attempt here on the blog but it will be a good reference for me in the months/years ahead to see how (or if!) I improve over time.

I can say that I really went in the 'zone' whilst painting and enjoyed the process if not the overall result.  I shall paint over the bits I don't like once it has fully dried and redo them. 


  1. It's lovely Simone and most importantly you had fun!
    I think it would make lovely fabric.
    V x

  2. That's absolutely lovely Simone - I wouldn't say you need to do anything to it! Love the colours xx

  3. That is so pretty
    Julie xxxxx

  4. Lovely, Simone! I love the vibrant colours and the different patterns and textures you have used. It is full of joy - I wouldn't change anything:)

  5. What a lovely bunch of spontaneity.

  6. What a wonderful happy making picture you conjured up.
    Lisa x

  7. What fun! I recently brought that book home from the library, more just because I like looking at art books than that I wanted to do any of the projects. Flowers are always a good thing!

    I hope you continue to paint, Simone! (Oh, and you have no reason to worry about sharing your painting... it's lovely!).

    Hope you're having a creative and restful weekend!


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