Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A Carer's Life for Me?

The slugs and snails are beating me to reach the strawberries, with the seeming never ending rain for the last how ever many days beating them down to a pulp also. I managed to rescue a couple of punnets of ripe and undamaged strawberries.  I already have a couple of bowlfuls in the fridge so what to do with them?

Rather than share with the neighbours, I thought I would take them to a local residential care home for elderly people.  As I got nearer the home I realised that I didn't really have enough strawberries for 16 residents so I ended up buying a large pot of double cream and 16 meringue nests to bulk them out!

I had seen the home advertised on line and it seemed like a jolly place with a gallery of photos displaying various parties and events.  I rang the doorbell and was invited in as I handed over the strawberries.  I was so embarrassed when the manager took me to the residents lounge where she told them about my strawberry giving gift.  I nervously mumbled something about picking them from my garden that morning.

What struck me and saddened me about visiting this home was the sheer surprise from the manager at my 'good deed' and the sad picture of the empty faces sat in the chairs around the edge of the room.  Why do they sit  people in chairs around the edge of the room looking out into the abyss? 

I muttered if there were any volunteering opportunities (ideally I would like to engage with these people and teach them to make jewellery and do other grown up craft and not the paper hat making and child like crafts usually afforded to them, but I know this is an unrealistic expectation and I'd be more likely to help with feeding time).

Anyway, feeling elevated and depressed at the same time, I like to think that at least I made someone's day by being a new face that just wanted to bring them a bit of joy in an otherwise monotonous midweek day.


sharon said...

Simone, both of my parents spent time in a senior center. One of the lessons I learned was that the residents have a deep gratitude for even the smallest of gestures of love, such as your gift of berries. To some that would be the brightest point of their day. But more than the object, the real gift for them was you being there acknowledging them. Whether this was a one time event or you decide to work among them in the future, thank you for thinking of them and acting on your idea.

Rosie said...

What a lovely thing to do Simone. I bet the people in the home really appreciated your visit and would have enjoyed the strawberries for their tea too. You brought a little bit of summer sunshine into their lives. I've visited one or two people in residential homes, some are lively places with things happening whilst in others the residents do seem to sit around the walls or in rows:)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely thing to do Simone, I'm sure you brightened their day!
V x

Lisa said...

I think it was such a kind and thoughtful gesture. I am certain you made lots of people very happy indeed by sharing your bounty.
Lisa x

Julia said...

I thought you were going to say you were saving them for Wimbledon (with cream)! But what a lovely gesture instead - well done! xx

Ethel Johnson said...

I hope they ask you to help with activities, wish I lived nearer...I'd love to be your teaching assistant! Just catching up on blogs to find you have been busy making movies as well, lovely to hear your voice and looking forward to the next episode!xx

Judy Hartman said...

I'm sure your thoughtful gift and smiling face made the residents very happy, Simone! I have had more than my share of visits to nursing homes lately (for my sister) and I find that even a smile and kind word brightens up those blank faces. But it is difficult to visit. You are so kind. xx

Anonymous said...

That was a simply wonderful thing to do. It has cheered me tremendously just to read about it especially after so much sad news this past week.
Thank you. JanF

Jennifer Richardson said...

What a fantastic idea, Simone!
I love that:) Your berry meringues were joy in a spoon, I'm sure:)
Big warm hug to beautiful, beautiful you,