Sunday, 5 June 2016

My First Video

I have had my camera for a few years now and never tried out the video feature.  So here it is!  My first and rather shaky video of me talking in the garden.  Isn't it awful when you hear your voice for the first time how others hear it?


  1. What fun! Lovely to get a glimpse of your garden (wow, your strawberries are huge!).

    I know everyone hates how their voice sounds, but I think your accent is delightful.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Simone, how lovely to hear your voice after all these years! Such a lyrical voice and, of course, as an American, I love your accent!! And I so enjoyed visiting your garden. More, please! xx

  3. You have such a lovely gentle voice, Simone and well done for keeping going with the voice over, I'm sure I'd have been saying err quite a bit. Your strawberries are much further forward than ours:)

  4. Simone,
    Here I am, yet another of your American fans! I agree. What a delight to hear your voice for the first time. Your first video (I hope there will be many more) gave me a huge lift this morning. Strawberries and roses… who could ask for more?! Thank you.

  5. That was a treat!
    You have so many strawberries, I hope you manage to enjoy some as much as the wildlife clearly have!
    Lisa x

  6. awe how lovely to hear your voice Simone!! I feel I know you a little better now, :)
    Your strawberries are looking great, better eat that big one before the slugs and snails have it!!
    V x

  7. LOVE the video :) those strawberries would look great in a strawberry pie!!

  8. Hello! It was so nice to hear your lovely voice, Simone. And to see the gorgeous roses and delicious strawberries!
    Helen xox


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