Friday, 3 June 2016

Buying The Best You Can Afford

'Buy cheap and you buy twice.'  I can't remember where I heard that saying but from my experience it is true.  Over the years my craft space has been filled up with things that I have bought because they were a 'bargain' but I haven't used because I have felt the quality to be inferior and therefore less pleasurable to use.  Recently I bought some 'gorgeous' paper flowers from a TV shopping channel that certainly did not live up to the description.

Over the last couple of weeks I have discovered a *wonderful company that specialize in paper flowers and have been overjoyed with the quality.  I have pictured the ones that I bought above and I know that I will buy from them again.  In addition to flowers I have bought exquisite guipure lace and vintage seam binding and am going to embark on making some shabby chic style cards.  In the past I wasn't a fan of the shabby chic style but recently I have seen some beautiful examples using the flowers and embellishments above and I am going to give it a go.

* For those interested the items above came from Wild Orchid Crafts.  

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


  1. Those tea roses really caught my eye, beautiful flowers, please let me know where you bought them. I've had to get rid of so many things that I bought as bargains, but have then just ended up sitting in my craft room, false economy! xx

  2. What gorgeous flowers Simone, I'm looking forward to seeing your cards!
    My Hb always says "you get what you pay for". :)
    Happy weekend,
    V x

  3. They look so pretty, love to see what you make
    Julie xxxxx

  4. The saying is true isn't it? The flowers look so pretty and I can imagine them with the lace you mention. The flowers are such lovely colours and remind me of summer gardens and weddings. Have a lovely weekend, Simone:)

  5. That looks like hours of fun... I have lots of those stamens, been wondering how to use them up so I shall be back for some ideas!
    We always say 'you only get what you pay for'xx

  6. I look forward to seeing what beautiful things you make with them! xxx

  7. Those pieces would inspire anyone. Go with it Simone.

  8. Sorry you ended up with flowers that weren't exactly gorgeous, but I'm glad that now you have some that will be a pleasure to use. Have fun crafting, Simone!


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