Monday, 12 September 2016

Cheeky Heron

I did something new yesterday.  I met with a group of strangers to join a walking buddies group. There are so many beautiful walks close by but I don't have the confidence to go walking through woods alone.  Luckily the group of people I met feel exactly the same. 

Seven of us turned up to walk together.  The problem from the outset was that three members of the group (including the organiser) wanted to walk in order to keep fit so they walked at a fast pace.  The other three members of the group moved a lot slower, meandering and taking in the scenery.  I was a bit like piggy in the middle wanting to keep up with the front runners but wanting to get to know the ones at the back and take some photos and observe nature too.   I think next time I go (Sunday mornings) I will hang around with the ones at the back. The aim is to walk about 5 miles but I still have a 2 mile walk back to home!  I shall be either very fit or very worn out by Christmas if I keep it up!

After I parted from the group I took the chance to take some photos.  As I was about to take a photo of the lake a heron* swooped down and landed on an object on the island.  It was quite comical how he stared me out showing me the vast expanse of his wings.   He gave me a front view, a back view and even a profile!  He was determined to photo bomb what ever I was trying to take a picture of.

* The heron can be seen right in the middle of the picture.


  1. The heron is a bit of a show off isn't it? Obviously it wanted to pose for photos. Your group walk sounds wonderful Simone, people all like to meander at their own speed don't they? It sounds like a great thing to be involved with each Sunday morning:)

  2. Good for you Simone. What a food idea to enjoy the outdoors and meet like minded people at the same time.
    Lisa x

  3. Hi Simone,
    Nice to hear from you, had a major family upset so lost mojo for blogging but hope I can get it back soon as I really miss it.
    Looking forward to seeing your Christmas makes for the craft fair.

  4. Lovely photo, and that heron was obviously determined to be in it! Your walks each week sound wonderful Simone...such a great idea to go with others who enjoy the same....I expect I would be near the back too taking photos and enjoying the scenery!
    Helen xox

  5. Herons are strange looking birds , I always think they look pre-historic!!
    Enjoy your walking group Simone!
    V x

  6. I'm so glad you've found a group to walk with! Sounds like a wonderful arrangement. Glad you got to see the heron showing off, too!


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