Saturday, 1 October 2016

Festive Decorations

I've taken on board the comments left for me as to what to make for the craft fair.  I've been watching lots of YouTube tutorials to hone my skills and was delighted to find a video which explains how to make these gorgeous hanging decorations.

They are wonderfully tactile and would be great to send through the post as they are fairly flat (apart from the embellished bit of course.)

This blue one has a fabric embellishment whereas the other two have metal connectors added for dimension.

Do you have a favourite?

You can find the YouTube video I followed here


Kay G. said...

They are gorgeous, I love them all!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

oh they are pretty Simone...all lovely but the blue one really takes my eye!
V x

KC'sCourt! said...

They are gorgeous, certainly purchase those at a fair

Julie xxxxxx

Ethel Johnson said...

Good to see you're keeping up the festive fun...only 12 weeks to go!
Think I like the blue best, don't know why. xx

Bella said...

Dear Simone,
I adore these -- they're lovely! I wonder, if you would mind sharing the URL to the you tube tutorial? As these would also look great on Christmas trees in Denmark :-)
Best, Bella

Bella said...

Dear Simone,
They are so adoable! I wonder if you would mind sharing the URL to the tutorial -- these would also look great at Christmas trees in Denmark, but I have no idea about what search terms to use to hit the tutorial(s).
Best, Bella

Simone said...

Hi Bella! I have put the link at the bottom of the post for you. If you can't find it, the tutorial was from OneVeryHappyBird and she does amazing tutorials!

Bella said...

Simone, I apologize for spamming you. I hadn't swithced on my brains, and therefore didn't waith for you to acknowledge my comment :-) That's what busy lifes do to you :-)
Many thanks for the URL :-)