Friday, 4 November 2016

Hold Your Horses!

With the craft fair imminent (well, 2 weeks away) I have been panic crafting.  The craft room is in a terrible mess and in need of a good tidy up.  I have been cantering away for the last few weeks and now feel I must gallop to the finishing line!  No!  I must slow down and think about what else I need to make/do and write up a plan.  I should really have done this weeks ago as I have now missed the opportunity to source various supplies to make things with.

In addition to all the craft fair prep I have something else scheduled for next week.  My first ever...............wait for it...........................singing lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you all a tuneful weekend!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

haha goodness you are busy Simone!!
I expect you will have plenty for your fair, I think its only natural to have a wee panic at this stage but I'm sure you've got it all covered.
Enjoy your singing! :)
happy weekend,
V x

KC'sCourt! said...

Lay all your stuff out and see what you have.

The singing lessons sound fun. Is it a group or just you?

Julie xxxxxxxx

Simone said...

It is just me and an ageing West End musical star Julie!!!

Rosie said...

It sounds as if the finishing post is in sight, Simone just last minute things to remember. The singing lessons sound like fun, I hope you enjoy them:)

sharon said...

Wahoo, Simone.

Bella said...

Remember, we have craft rooms to keep the mess in there, so we can tidy up later :-) As for the fair, don't panic, I'm pretty sure you got plenty to bring.
I believe singig is good for you, no matter you can sing or not -- enjoy!

Lyn said...

oh wow! good luck with both these exciting ventures!

Ethel Johnson said...

Hope the singing has a calming effect and don't worry about the's about quality not quantity so you'll be fine! xx

Lisa said...

I hope you enjoy the singing lesson. What an exciting new adventure.
Lisa x