Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Recycled Wooden Card Display Box

I've been experimenting to find the best way to show off my mini cards.  Space is premium at the craft fair with just a tiny 4 x 1½ foot table.  I was so delighted to find this display case (among the junk that I hoard) which originally contained two bottles of wine.  I think it look really classy - better than showing off the cards in a plastic basket.

I hung up a piece of bakers twine and used mini pegs to make 3 cards the focal point on the lid of the box.  I could take time at a later date to paint the box but I rather like the teak colour.

It has been so busy at home recently that I have found it difficult to comment on your blogs as I usually do.  Hopefully when Saturday is over normality will be restored and I will be back to visiting and commenting on your blogs once more.


  1. Perfect!

    I wouldn't paint the box though, its just perfect as it is, The show nicely

    Julie xxxxx

  2. Good luck for Saturday

    Julie xxxx

  3. Box looks perfect... we struggle with a 6' table so I feel your pain!
    Wine boxes without lids also make good mini shelves on their sides...I suggest you buy more wine!! xx

  4. What a beautiful box and just perfect for your pretty cards.
    Best wishes for Saturday Simone, I'm sure you'll lovely makes will be a big hit!!
    V x

  5. The box is perfect for your cards and I like it as it is now natural and unpainted. I hope all goes well for you on Saturday, I'm sure all your lovely hand made items will fly off the shelves - well your 4 x 1.5 ft table:)

  6. I love these boxes, they always look so useful and you have found a really good use for yours! I like the baker's twine idea too! Good luck for the craft fair!
    Helen xox

  7. It makes a beautiful display case - I like the natural wood colour too.

    Best of luck with the craft sale, you've worked so hard Simone - I hope it all goes well. :)

  8. It's just the thing for showing your cards off. What a great find at home!
    Lisa x


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