Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Craft Table Mock Up

I have been trying out some craft table displays in my living room.  This is just a little glimpse of one of the layouts.  By having my merchandise all out on show I have been able to see what I need to make more of and what not to include.  I am sure that there will be lots of mock ups until I am finally decided.  As I get nearer to the fair my productivity has slowed right down.  It is so difficult to preempt what people want to buy and I will just have to take the experience as a learning curve.

In other news: I had a personal singing lesson. I was pleased to hear that I have a good tone and range but disappointed to hear that my singing voice won't make me into a star!!!  (I already knew that!)  The singing teacher said that he thought my voice was 'alto' but changed it to soprano when I hit a top 'G' note with ease!  I don't know if I will have any more lessons or even take up the invite of joining the choir.  I am glad though,  that I went out of my comfort zone and performed the first verse of Amazing Grace in front of a total stranger with just a tape recorder playing the music.  Karaoke here I come!!!


  1. Your table looks great Simone, very festive with the glow!
    So glad your singing lesson went well, you may enjoy a choir!
    V x

  2. Simone, your display is lovely. Creating layouts at home is such a good idea. I especially like your including soft lights behind your displays. Though your goal is to sell your goods, I hope you begin by creating what moves you. What you find comes from your heart. Your work is unique, fresh, well made. These are what attracts potential buyers and what will cause them to stop in front of your display. My best wishes in the few days remaining before the show.
    Nice you moved out of your comfort zone to have a voice lesson. Singing with a group is a rewarding pastime. Any opportunities to join a choir or chorus in your area???

  3. The table looks lovely and will attract people to look at your wares. The singing lesson sounds like fun and I bet it would be very rewarding to join a choir:)

  4. Yes! Your display looks great. Try not to stress too much about it - just enjoy it,a s I'm sure you'll make some good sales. Good on you for the singing lesson - always wished I could sing ..... sing well that is LOL xxx

  5. It's all looking lovely, good luck with the fair. xx

  6. It all looks very inviting!
    Well done on your lesson. I bet joining a choir would be great fun.
    Lisa x

  7. Good idea to practice setting up your table for the craft fair. I like the glowing look. Your singing lesson sounds great! It would be so nice to join a choir!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  8. Simone, your display looks beautiful. And it is som well prepared to have tried out the display :-) When is it?

  9. Hej Bella! Tak for din venlige kommentar. Den håndværk fair er på lørdag den 19. November - næste lørdag!

  10. Okay, on Saturday :-) It's terrible exiting, and I look forward to hear about it as soon you have ‘survived’ and digested the experience. Please receive my best wishes for Saturday’s fair – good luck!

  11. Wow! I've missed a lot since I've been away from my regular blog reading. So wonderful to see you fired up about the craft fair, Simone!

    Congrats on the singing lesson. Maybe joining the choir would be just what you need. Could be a lot of fun.

    Have a lovely week and don't stress over the fair. Once you get this one under your belt it sounds like you'll be ready to tackle more of them with ease!


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