Thursday, 12 January 2017

Older Birthdays

 Age is just a number
When all is said and done
Don’t focus on the decades past
But on good things yet to come

A warm and fuzzy feeling
A twinkle in a stranger’s eye
Hearty belly laughing
A starry midnight sky

A fragrant summer garden
Fluffy clouds abound
A gentle winding stream
The softest nature sounds

Each day is a blessing
For all of us it’s true
To greet each day with wonderment
And to see things with eyes anew

Simone Whipp 12/01/2017

I felt compelled to write this poem for a neighbour who is finding it hard to come to terms with her 80th birthday.  I found my 50th birthday difficult to comprehend so I can empathise with how she is feeling.

The photo above is not a recent one, alas, but was taken in February last year.  The outlook for today's weather isn't good so I will hold on to the image of the photo above to get through the next few weeks of winter.


Ethel Johnson said...

I also find each decade gets harder...lovely words, you are a kind and thoughtful soul. xx

greenrabbitdesigns said...

what a brilliant poem Simone!
lovely image too. :)
V x

Lisa said...

How thoughtful of you to put pen to paper and come up with such a lovely poem for your friend.
Lisa x

Jane said...

That's lovely. It's my Dad's 90th birthday next week - you may have inspired me to write a poem for him.

Ann said...

A lovely poem Simone! I think we can all sympathise with your friend - any birthday with a nought on the end is a bit traumatic! Do love that pic of Gizmo too. What a handsome chap.

KC'sCourt! said...

What a lovely poem

Julie xxxxxxx

Helen Philipps said...

Such a sweet and thoughtful poem for your friend Simone. And I love the beautiful picture too. Happy weekend.
Helen xox

Judy Hartman said...

How beautiful, Simone. Your neighbor must have loved your poem - how thoughtful of you!!
And it is a thrill to see beautiful flowers on a blog during the gray days of winter. Lovely photo! xx

Kim Baker said...

What a lovely poem, and especially so as I just turned 46 in January and birthday's do get a bit more difficult the older you get. I am trying to focus on 'good things yet to come' Thank you Simone xx