Monday, 20 February 2017


It has taken many many months of procrastination before I was able to finally start using a sketchbook.  I have bought all kinds of sketchbooks but I have been 'scared' of using them in case I muck up the pristine pages.  However, after intense reading about other people's sketchbooks on Anne's sketchbook conversations, I have started my own.

My style isn't to leap in and tackle the page. No!  I have to pre-sketch in another book!  Once I have an idea what I want to put in the book I can then proceed.  Another problem I had was not knowing what to put in the book.  My focus for the first page was on 17th century needlework and lace designs.  I put my own spin on them using my micron and gelly roll pens.

Now I have a focus on what I want to use the book for I am looking forward to filling the pages!  Oh, I also decided that I won't be using watercolour paints in my sketchbook but will use unbound sheets instead for that and stick to micron pens, gelly roll pens and coloured pencils for my sketchbook.  One page down, 49 more to go!


  1. I have several sketch books in the cupboard but then I love stationary of any kind, as well as wool and fabric, lol
    I know what you mean about not wanting to use the pristine pages, I feel that same.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about making a start on those pristine pages, I have so many notebooks untouched for that very same reason!!
    Good start though Simone!!
    V x

  3. What you've done is very nice, but it needn't be a disaster if something goes a tad wrong - you could always glue one of your watercolours over it - try not to worry about it and just enjoy filling the pages with your creations

    Julia xx

  4. I'm so glad you've begun to embrace your sketchbook, Simone!

    One thing that has helped me not worry so much about messing up my sketchbook is to have multiple sketchbooks. The more I have, the less precious they seem. Also, having a cheap one (with lots of pages) helps, too. I don't feel like I'm wasting paper when there's lots of it and the paper isn't "good".

    Hope you enjoy working in it, Simone!

  5. Some lovely shapes and colours on your first page, Simone. Enjoy filling the rest of the pages with lots of wonderful creations:)

  6. This is great Simone! Off to a good start!
    I've had the same problem getting a sketchbook started, but now I don't worry about it being a showpiece! I have a few of them full of all sorts of crazy things! lol xx

  7. That first white page must have been daunting, now it's onwards and upwards now you have a plan of action.
    Lisa x

  8. Great to see your sketchbook has begun Simone! I used to paint the pages of my tiny daily one with a coloured wash to take away that daunting 'white page' feeling!
    Helen xox


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