Friday, 17 March 2017

Shabby Chic Card

I am going through a 'shabby chic' phase.  I have so many beautiful paper embellishments and lace it seems a shame not to use them!  I am making this card for a very special person so I can't show the card in its entirety in case they are reading this!  I still need to add gesso and glitter highlights.  It has been fun to make but taken me best part of a day so far!

This month is my 9th anniversary of blogging.  Time certainly flies when you are having fun - it's true!  Hopefully this year I will reach the mile stone of 1000 posts!   Thank you for those that continue to read and leave comments, especially my long time commenter's - you all know who you are!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Awe that is a sweet little card. :)
    Happy 9th blogiversary, happy weekend and happy St Patrick's Day!
    V x

  2. How lovely I'm sure the recipient will treasure it. Happy blog anniversary, I've just realised that I'd forgotten it was my twelfth anniversary on 14th March, we must have started blogging at the same time of year:)

  3. You're a few months or so ahead of me, but I shall also have been blogging for 9 years this year in August - it's incredible isn't it! Mind you I've only managed 215 posts to date! I learnt very quickly just how enjoyable and addictive it is and I shall look forward to your 1000th post whenever that happens

    Julia xx

  4. Such a sweet little card. Happy 9th blogiversary Simone! Have a great weekend.
    Helen xox

  5. I find delight in being one of your faithful following, Simone. Is this perhaps a part of the handmade joy exchange? Hasn't that been fun....
    Congrats on your blogging successes.
    Happy weekend.

  6. Nine years! Wow that's quite an achievement...sadly I ran out of steam at 4 and a bit years but still enjoy reading a them. Keep up the good work. xx

  7. Well done - 9 years! At last I can comment on your blog - for some reason recently I have come up against post by Google Account only on your comment box and I can't access mine (long story). I am always following along though. Love your shabby chic card.

  8. Happy blog-a-versary.
    Love the little bouquet of flowers on the card.
    Lisa x

  9. And again, belated congratulations, Simone!!! Love the card! xx


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