Wednesday, 22 March 2017

When the Wait is Over

I have been waiting for a few things.  Some things for years, some for months, some for weeks.  In September 2016 I planted some snakes head fritillary bulbs or chequered daffodils as they are also known.  You can read about them on the RHS website here. I have been patiently waiting for months for the bulbs to break the surface of the Earth's crust and have eventually been rewarded for my efforts.


I was thrilled to see them in flower today as I was unsure if they would even thrive.  I shall now be eagerly waiting spring each year to watch them come into flower and hopefully spread.

In my year of 'consolidation' (which I blogged about as my word for 2017) many loose ends are being tied up.   'Seeds' planted over the past 18 years have begun to come to fruition and after 18 years as a stay at home Mum, I finally have paid employment again.  The good news is as it is part-time I will still have time to blog and pursue my other interests too.


  1. Yay, so pleased to hear that your patience and determination has paid off. I hope it brings you the rewards you deserve and more.xx

  2. Such a joy to have those beautiful flowers in your garden to look at.
    Huge congrats on the new job Simone, really thrilled for you.
    Good luck!
    Lisa x

  3. Beautiful! Ptolemy pheasant eats all of mine :(
    Congrats on the job too and good luck.

  4. Congratulations Simone on your new job...great news.
    I love snakes head fritillaries ..they always look way too exotic for our climes.
    V x

  5. Love those flowers! And I'm delighted to hear that your persistence has paid off. Congratulations on your new employment!

  6. Lovely fritilary flowers, well worth waiting for. Congratulations on your new job I hope you enjoy being back in the workplace again:)

  7. Wonderful news Simone - I am so pleased for you - I know you have been looking for something suitable for a while - I hope you enjoy being at work it can be very rewarding - are you going to keep us in suspense though?
    And the Fritillaries - there used to be wild ones in Derbyshire where we had our caravan - really pretty. x

  8. Sweet post all around. Happy new part time job. The perfect solution for you. Best wishes.

  9. Congratulations on your new job, Simone! I am very pleased for you, and that it is part time so you can still do other things you enjoy too. The fritillaries are such amazing flowers...they look as if they have been painted on with tiny brushes!
    Helen xox

  10. Happy birthday, Simone!
    Have a lovely day and weekend!

  11. Simone, sorry I am late hearing your good news!!! Congratulations on your job!! I hope it is one you will really like and so glad you will still have time to blog!
    And also, those flowers are amazing!
    Good luck, Simone! xx


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