Thursday, 4 May 2017

Finding Time

My sketchbook has remained closed for a long time.  Today I found the time to open it up and do a simple drawing.  I had no plan of what to draw and used a flower shaped template to start me off and then coloured it in with pencils adding detail with micron pens.   It was a lovely meditation and the space I needed to relax my mind and bring me back to my old self again.


  1. Good for you, Simone! I think a bit of time spent with your sketchbook every day would do you a world of good. You have the talent and drawing and coloring can be a great stress reliever. This is really lovely!! xx

  2. Glad you found the time to do something creative, Simone, that would be a lovely calming thing to do:)

  3. Thats good Simone, don't leave it too long until you do it again. :)
    V x

  4. Giving yourself over to a simple and enjoyable task can really help to re-set the mind.
    Lisa x


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