Saturday, 6 May 2017

Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb

There is a neglected school allotment connected to where I work.  I have looked longingly across the gated enclosure at the produce left to fend for itself.  Once a project for the 'naughty kids' the plot has now been overtaken by nature and on the wild side of cultivation.  One particular type of produce is doing well in its neglect - the rhubarb is abundant unlike mine at home (see above) that is failing to thrive.
I asked my line manager if I could possibly pick some rhubarb to take home and make a crumble and pick some more for the school kitchen.  He was more than happy for me to do this and I spent a happy ten minutes harvesting the stems.  I disturbed a young fox and he scrambled away into the distance. 
I hope to spend more time at my 'secret' allotment garden.  No one else seems to bother with it.  It really is a haven among the chaos.


  1. Haven't had rhubarb since we gave up our allotment, funny how little you see this in the shops.

  2. Is it really true that directors ask actors to say "rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb" when they are in the background of a scene? One never knows if these things are something that is made up!

  3. Kay, I always thought it was true!

  4. What a treasure! Hope some other goodies pop up that you can harvest! I have not had rhubarb pie for years and years, and now I'm craving it after reading your post, Simone!!
    Hope the job is ok - perhaps this garden will be a perk for you? xx

  5. The rhubarb from the secret allotment looks good, hope you enjoy your crumble. Our rhubarb started out well but lack of rain (and constant watering) have caused it to go thin stemmed like yours:)

  6. How lovely to have your own secret garden!! :)
    V x

  7. A Secret plot - I think this must have been waiting for you to discover it - who else would have paid it any attention! This must make you even more pleased to have this new job. xx viv

  8. Picked the first rhubarb of the season here in SW Wisconsin and made a coffee cake for Jerome's birthday dinner. Who can resist the happy exuberance of their unfurling leaves in spring and those lovely red stalks?

  9. ours is just showing leaves.
    i absolutely love rhubarb and am nearly watching it grow!
    so glad you found a secret stash!

  10. What a gem you have discovered! Good luck with your exploits.
    Lisa x

  11. How special to have a secret garden....the rhubarb will make a delicious crumble! Happy weekend Simone.
    Helen xox


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